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IEC Extra High Voltage Power Supply 5kv Digital Display

IEC Extra High Voltage Power Supply 5kv Digital Display jpg


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The IEC Extra High Voltage Power Supply (2x 6.3V.AC @ 4amps, 3,000 / 0 / 3,000V.DC) is a critical and unique power supply for running Spectrum or Teltron tubes, charging Aepinus capacitors, and performing a variety of other functions. Designed with poor regulation such that as current is drawn, the voltage falls quickly. For student safety, the current is limited to 3mA in the event of a short circuit.

The low voltage is supplied as 2 x 6.3V AC. 4A outputs, which are typically used to power electron tube heaters. An illuminated ON/OFF switch controls the mains power, and a separate ON/OFF switch controls the high voltage output.



220/240V.AC. 50/60Hz Approx. 0.5 amp


Adjustable 2 x 0-3,000V.DC. to provide 0-6,000V.DC. with voltmeter / Max.current: approx. 3mA (at short circuit) / 2 x 6.3V.AC. Max. current: 4 amps total load


Digital with large 3 digit red LED display


High voltage: current is limited to a maximum of approx. 3mA / Low voltage: by audible thermal, auto-resetting overload.


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IEC Extra High Voltage Power Supply 5kv Digital Display



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