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Laboratory Consumables, Hardware and Equipment
November 30, 2020

Lab consumables and equipment are fundamental components for laboratory research, mainly for supporting various testing needs, such as air, water, blood, protein, cell culture, and more. Wiltronics offers a great range of affordable laboratory consumables—from glassware & plasticware, bunsen burners, beaker tongs to test tube kits, balances & scales, and more! Made of quality materials and perfect for laboratory fields and applications, we can be your one-stop-shop for your lab essentials. Glassware has been a core element of both physics and chemistry laboratories. When it comes to purchasing lab glassware, you need to consider the overall quality as it can have a significant impact on experimental and testing results. Listed below is our wide selection of high-quality glassware and plasticware. Beakers Beakers are cylindrical containers used to store, mix and heat liquid in laboratories. Most are made out of glass but there are con-corrosive materials available on the market, such as metal and heat-resistant plastic. Check out our available variety of beakers below. Polypropylene Low Form Abdos - Made from Abdos high-quality polypropylene, this low form 2000ml beaker is ideal for science lab experiments and chemistry. Polypropylene Plastic Low Form - Perfect for physics and chemistry experiments, we have a collection of good quality polypropylene and fully autoclavable beakers. Shop Polypropylene Low Form Beakers here. TPX Plastic Low Form Abdos - These low form beakers come with spouts and graduations and are available in 50ml, 100ml, 250ml, 600ml, 1l, and 2l. You can also get the TPX beaker set for only $30. You can also check out TPX plastic Abdos with handles here. Glass Beakers Borosilicate Low Form - These premium quality laboratory glassware beakers are made of Borosilicate glass, which has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion, making it resistant to thermal shock. Test Tubes Commonly used for holding chemical solutions, test tubes are thin-walled cylindrical tubes. They can hold  chemical solutions, or be used for mixing, heating or cooling, producing cultures, and other applications. Here, we offer a great selection of test tubes and test tube stoppers, available in a variety of styles, materials and sizes. Stoppers - A great addition to any laboratory settings, these HDPE test tube stoppers are perfect for our range of Polypropylene test tubes. Disposable - These disposable rimless test tubes/RIA vials are great to have in any lab. Available in polypropylene or polystyrene and supplied in a pack of 100. Glass Borosilicate - These test tubes have 1mm wall thickness, and are available in several lengths and stopper sizes. Due to their borosilicate material, they are quite robust, with thermal shock & chemical resistance. Glass Graduated - 1mm wall thickness, available in two varieties: 18x180mm 25ml and 20x150mm 15ml. Due to their borosilicate material, they are quite robust with thermal shock & chemical resistance. They also feature graduated markings for measuring. Side Arm Borosilicate - These test tubes are rimmed and available in three sizes. These units also come with a sidearm of 7mm diameter. Glass Disposable Rimless - Borosilicate glass test tubes in bulk packs of 100 or 250 units. Flasks Also known as science flasks, chemistry flasks, or laboratory flasks, Flasks are handy chemistry glassware for containing liquid and solutions and at the same time, performing mixing, heating, cooling, precipitation, condensation, and more. We have a large variety of high-quality Flasks, available in various sizes and materials. Check out our range of flasks here. Wiltronic’s Glasswares & Plasticware Collection: Bottles Dropping Glass & Plastic Bottles, Vials & Jars - Polypropylene & HDPE Burettes Centrifuges Tubes Condensers Cylinders Measuring Dishes & Troughs, Glass & Porcelain Funnels Interchangeable Glassware Kipps Apparatus Petri Culture Dishes Pipettes Polypropylene Measuring Jugs Reagent Bottles Tube & Rod Glass & Stirring Rods One of the most common apparatus used in school science laboratories, Bunsen burners are a portable gas burner used for heating, burning and sterilization. Here’s our collection of Bunsen burners and related equipment. Bunsen Burners  - High-quality Bunsen Burners available to suit Natural Gas or LPG in screw or slide adjust. Tripods - Ideal for the science laboratory or classroom, our collection of tripods work best in conjunction with our wire gauze mats. Triangles Pipe Clay - Ideal for heating things up in chemistry experiments in science labs, these pipe clay triangles are designed to support a crucible, allowing it to be heated directly by a Bunsen burner or other heat source. Gauze Mats - Designed for holding crucibles and other implements over a Bunsen burner, our range of gauze mats are perfect for lab or school applications. Bench Mat - Perfect for use with any Bunsen burner setup, this cement sheet bench mat is made from non-asbestos, burn resistant material. Ideal for science experiments in the laboratory. When there is natural gas present in the laboratory, alcohol burners are one of the commonly used tools to produce a primary source of heat—open flame. Lab alcohol burners are ideal for conducting standard chemistry and microbiology experiments and for flame sterilization. Here, we have glass alcohol burners (spirit lamps) ideal for science, microbiology and chemistry labs. They can be used with methylated spirits (denatured alcohol), and isopropyl or ethyl alcohol (as long as the alcohol content is 10% or greater). Alcohol Burner 125ml (LG1381-125) Alcohol Burner Spare Wick (LG1381-SW) We also offer a range of tongs that are designed for handling hot crucibles, beakers and other porcelain in science lab chemistry experiments. In the course of a lab experiment, crucibles and beakers may contain potentially dangerous chemicals that must be handled carefully. Beaker Tongs Crucible Tongs Crucible Tongs 200mm Stainless Steel Retort stands are often used in chemistry laboratories, for distillation experiments, e.g. organic distillations. They can also be used as supports in the filtration process.Clamps, on the other hand, are used for securing glassware. Shop our range of Retort Rings, Bossheads, Clamps & Funnel Holders, and related equipment below. Bosshead Clamps Burette Clamps Retort Clamps Funnel Holders Retort Rings Retort Stands Other accessories: Burette Accessories Flask Bases G Clamps Glass Scriber & Grease Pencils Rubber Stoppers & Gooches Spatulas and Spoons Test Tube Accessories Test Tube Kits Gas Syringe Glass Tube & Rod Cutter Thermometer Perfect for laboratory and industrial applications, Ohaus Scout Portable Scales come in a slim, stackable design—equipped with superior overload protection and large backlit display. Thanks to its multiple weighing units and application modes, Scout sets a new weighing standard. What makes the Scout SKX range suitable for next generation classrooms is it's faster stabilisation time, improved efficiency, and stackable design. It also includes USB and RS232 connectivity for accessible communication. If you want a user-friendly weighing experience, you might want to check out these balance scales: Scout Balance Scale - ideal choice for home and classroom educational device. Perfect for weighing, density determination, mole weighing. Scout SKX -  a portable precision balance that is perfect for classroom and laboratory use. It has education-specific software applications with specific gravity software, and density determination. As well as a mole weighing mode to check mole calculations.

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Physics Lab Equipment and Apparatus Setup for Kids
November 26, 2020

Wiltronics provides schools and laboratories with the best Science & lab supplies and equipment. With tons of available choices on the market, we always ensure we provide our customers with all the necessary physics lab equipment for conducting experiments. Perfect for both students and experts studying motion, we guarantee you that you’ll have all the necessary equipment you need to bring Physics to life. Listed below are our wide range of educational physics instruments and solutions for the basic science lab, readily available on our website. Electrostatics is the study of forces between charges. It arises from the forces that electric charges exert on each other. We offer spectacular devices that can be used in a variety of electrostatics applications, including accessory sets and kits used for experiments. Check out below our comprehensive range to cover all your needs. Electroscope Metal Vane IEC An IEC rotary electroscope with metal vane (LQ1810-001) that is designed as a robust unit with high sensitivity when detecting electrostatic charge. A 4mm socket is provided for earthing the metal casing and removable one glass side panel for accessibility. IEC Electrostatics Kit Nuffield This IEC Electrostatics Kit Nuffield (LQ1771-001) type is a more comprehensive kit for electrostatic teaching. For more advanced experiments, it includes an IEC metal vane electroscope and other components. Large Van de Graaff Generator - 300mm Ball IEC The Van de Graaff generator (LQ4133-101) can be used to demonstrate effects involving static electricity in a spectacular fashion. A large Van de Graaff generator rated at 400kV 220/240VAC. It is a modern, compact, and durable instrument designed especially for use in the classroom with all parts completely exposed. Other products: Static Friction Set (LQ1802) Van de Graaff Accessory Set IEC (LQ4144-001) Wimshurst Machine Electrostatic Generator (LQ4180) Optics is the branch of physics that deals with light, its properties, and behavioural patterns. Wiltronics offers a wide range of Physics laboratory instruments to study Light and Optics. We sourced our products from multiple suppliers and chose the best quality. Check out below our available products to cover all your needs. Glass Prisms & Slabs Glass Prisms and Slabs are commonly used devices for studying the process of light refraction. To better understand refraction, we typically study prisms of various shapes and how light acts with them. Lenses Concave and Convex Perfect for teaching students about light and optics, these lenses are a staple of the physics lab. Available in a range of sizes and focal lengths. We also offer Mirrors Concave and Convex as well, available in a range of focal lengths. They’re perfect for light & optics experiments in the physics classroom. Lens Cleaning Paper Designed for cleaning all optical lenses and mirrors, this is a tissue-like lens cleaning paper.  A gentle way of maintaining crystal clear lenses with the right lens cleaning solution. Supplied in a book of 100 sheets, it will give you a stunningly clear finish. Suitable for microscope slides, telescopes, prisms, mirrors, spectacles etc. Magnets are objects that can attract or pull on some metals, such as iron and steel. But other metals like copper or gold are not attracted to magnets. Check out our range of magnets for kids below, ideal for educational purposes and physics experiments! Compass A compass is a navigational instrument used to determine directions relative to Earth’s magnetic pole. It can be used to calculate heading, used with a sextant to measure latitude. It can also be used with a marine chronometer to measure longitude. Check out our comprehensive range of compasses to cover all your needs. Horseshoe Magnets We have a wide range of horseshoe type magnets that comes with a keeper, creating a strong magnetic field between the poles. Perfect for lab and classroom settings, our horseshoe magnets are lighter and more powerful than U magnets and are available in 3 sizes. Check out our comprehensive range of horseshoe magnets to cover all your needs. Ring Magnets Also known as ceramic magnets, ferrite ring magnets are a type of permanent magnet that is made out of rusted iron. Browse our range of ferrite ring magnets with various dimensions available. Magnets Research study shows that all magnets have two poles, the North and South poles. Wiltronics offers a wide range of different types of magnets that are useful for magnetism experiments in the physics lab. Available in a range of styles, including: Alnico Low Power Bar Magnet Alnico Low Power U-Shaped Magnet Rare Earth Magnet with Keeper Check out our comprehensive range of magnets to cover all your needs. Check out our collection of calibration weights and calibration mass sets, available in a variety of styles for classroom and lab use. In addition, we also offer displacement vessels, as well as hooked and slotted masses for use in physics. Shop Mass and Displacement Equipment here. Frederiksen SpeedGate Designed with a built-in timer and display, this SpeedGate (LQ0015) is a dual-beam photocell that is capable of precise speed measurements. The velocity of the object passing through the photocell can be determined directly with two light rays while the display renders an external counter dispensable. This product also features the following: Double light barrier - direct readout of speed Expandable with external sensors, e.g. microphones Several SpeedGates can be daisy-chained for extended experiments Lever and Fulcrum 500mm This lever and fulcrum (LQ9090) are 500mm long with weight adjustment screws on each end. It’s a great tool to have for any physics experiment or lab. Newton Meter NaRiKa GN-1 This Digital Newton Meter (ME4150) comes with quick and precise force measurement that is capable of measuring at a resolution of 0.01N/1g. Also, it can measure both pushing and pulling forces of ± 19.99 N / ± 1,999 g. What’s more, this unit features a robust hook that can be removed if necessary. Motors and Induction equipment and tools are great to have in the classroom or in a laboratory environment. It allows the student to experiment on aspects of Magnetic Induction, Transformers, and AC/DC Motor theory. Wiltronics sourced the highest-quality tools including motors kits and induction sets. DC Motor Model This DC Motor Model (LQ2190) can transform electrical energy into mechanical energy, featuring an open style DC motor model. It also uses a permanent magnet that creates field flux. Plus, the motor comes with a small colour disc. Hand-Held DC Generator A great tool for school science projects or classroom demonstrations, this handheld DC generator (LQ9170) is a perfect instrument for demonstrating the transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy. It consists of a small DC generator installed in transparent housing and is operated via a crank which can be turned to generate power or to increase rotation speed. It has a maximum output voltage of 6.3 V and a current of 1.2 A. IEC Air Cored Solenoid This Air Cored Solenoid (LQ0090-001) is formed on a strong moulded plastic bobbin and is used in several experiments. It’s suitable for any time a magnetic field is required of known field strength. It contains 700 turns of copper wire and can carry about 5 amps maximum current. The wire terminates to 4mm socket head terminals which point inwards so that the ends of the solenoid can sit flat on the table. Sizes available: 150mm long and 37mm bore. Thermodynamics deals with the concepts of heat, temperature, and their relation to energy and physical properties of matter. Wiltronics offers different apparatuses used to study the principles of Thermodynamics. We source the highest quality products used to demonstrate the different heat conductivity of different metals. Crookes Radiometer The Crookes Radiometer (TL1390) is a device that converts light radiation into rotary motion, featuring an airtight bulb with a partial vacuum for measuring radiant energy. Inside the crystal clear polycarbonate bulb is a set of vanes which are suspended on a spindle and rotate when exposed to light. It makes the perfect learning tool companion to help students understand thermodynamics. Thermal Expansion Experiments Thermal Expansion Experiments are performed in order to understand the principles of thermal expansion of solid materials. It measures the results when a material is heated and expands through temperature change without any changes in the material phase. Additionally, it determines the coefficient of linear expansions for aluminium, brass, and copper materials. Great for physics laboratory experiments, you can check out our wide range of Thermal Expansion products here, helping you demonstrate the different heat conductivity of different metals in no time! Waveforms are representations of sound waves. And did you know that different waves can be combined to create more complex sounds? We offer the Slinky & Snaky Waveform Set for demonstration as well as a Stethoscope. These are great tools for teaching students about wave behaviour, pulses behaviour, reflection, interference, and standing waves!

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Conductivity Probes and pH Testers for Your Outdoor Needs
November 24, 2020

Conductivity probes and pH testers are crucial when it comes to conducting research that needs accurate results, e.g. in water and other solutions. But what exactly are these measurement instruments for? pH testers are electric devices used to measure the changes in the activity of hydrogen-ion, such as acidity or alkalinity, in solution. Conductivity probes, on the other hand, are one of the most common environmental tests of aquatic samples. They can be used to measure both solution conductivity or total ion concentration whether in the field or in the laboratory. While both of these measuring instruments can be easily found on the market—with so many choices available, nothing’s better than finding affordable alternatives. Speaking of the budget-friendly options, don’t look any further! Here at Wiltronics, we offer the best and cost-effective conductivity probes and pH testers! Check out our range of pen-sized WS conductivity probes that accurately measure the amount of salt (conductivity) in water. Conductivity Tester Pen Ohaus (ST10-A 0-199.9us/cm) After more than a century of perfecting the art of measurement through our durable weighing products, OHAUS precision is now available in a line of pen meters that provide accurate measurement of conductivity. You can now measure conductivity with this Conductivity Tester Pen by OHAUS (ME4340-A).  This tester pen allows you to measure between 0.00 – 199.9 μs/cm. Further, the tester is physically small, making it compact and convenient to use. Ohaus ST10-B Conductivity Pen (0-1999us/cm) Starter pen meters are the economical option when you are simply looking for meters that will provide accurate measurement without restriction. And this ST10-B Conductivity Pen (ME4340-B) is no exception! What’s more, this conductivity pen is designed with automatic shut-off feature and the electrodes can be replaced easily. Other models/types available: Ohaus ST10S Salinity Measurement Pen 0-10ppt (ME4346) Ohaus ST10-C Conductivity Pen 0-19.99ms/cm (ME4340-C) WS Conductivity Probe mS/cm (ME4332) Ohaus ST20-A Conductivity Pen with Temperature 0-199.9us/cm (ME4342-A) Ohaus ST20-B Conductivity Pen with Temperature 0-1999us/cm (ME4342-B) WS Conductivity Probe uS/cm (ME4330) Ohaus ST20-C Conductivity Pen with Temperature 0-19.99ms/cm (ME4342-C) Ohaus ST20S Salinity Measurement Pen with Temperature 0-80ppt (ME4348) Accurately measure dissolved oxygen with the Ohaus Dissolved Oxygen Measurement (ME4355) pen. It features an auto-shutoff feature and easily replaceable electrodes. Plus, it allows you to measure between 0-19.9mg/L, which makes it a versatile tool. It is designed with an automatic shut-off feature and easily replaceable electrodes. Also known as Oxidation Reduction Potential, ORP is a measure of a substance’s ability to oxidize or reduce a substance. A positive reading from an ORP meter means that the substance is an oxidizing agent; a negative reading notes that the substance is a reducing agent. Check out our available ORP pen meters that can measure oxidation-reduction potential accurately. Ohaus ST10R O2 Reduction Potential (ORP) Pen (ME4322) Ohaus ST20R O2 Reduction Potential (ORP) with Temperature Pen (ME4324) When you’re investing in a pH meter, you’ll want to make sure that the brand you’ll opt for is accurate and sensitive. To help you decide, here’s a list of most accurate pH testers available on our website. Ohaus ST20 pH & Temperature Pen The Ohaus ST20 pH and Temperature Pen (ME4320) is compact and useful. You can easily measure pH levels and temperature with this handy tool! What's more, you can also measure between 0.00 – 14 pH and between  0.0 – 99.0 °C. This means the Ohaus ST20 is ideal for many projects! Ohaus ST10 pH Pen Just like the ST20, the Ohaus ST10 pH Pen meters (ME4318) are also an economic tool that is worth your money! You can simply get accurate measurements without restriction, measuring 0.00 – 14 pH and has an accuracy of ±0.1 pH. Total Dissolved Solids Meters, or TDS Meters, are mini hand-held devices that indicate the total dissolved solids in a water sample. Since salts, minerals and other dissolved ionized solids can increase the conductivity of a solution, a TDS meter comes in handy when it comes to the conductivity of the solution as well as estimating the TDS. Accurately measure TDS (total dissolved solids) with our range of meters! TDS Meter Pen with Temperature (0-1000mg/L Ohaus ST20T-B) Accurately measure Total Dissolved Solids with our TDS Meter Pen with Temperature (ME4352-B). Built by Ohaus, this TDS pen can measure between 0-1000mg/L and also measures temperature, ranging between 0 °C – 99 °C. What's more, it has an automatic shutoff feature and easily replaceable electrodes. TDS Meter Probe with Temperature (0-100 mg/L Ohaus) Precisely measure TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) with this TDS Meter Probe (ME4352-A) by Ohaus. With impressive capabilities, this hand-held device can measure between 0-100mg/L. What's more, this handy tool can also measure temperatures between 0 °C – 99 °C. This makes it the perfect tool that is great for many applications! Meter Water Quality Tester PPT This pen-sized TDS Meter Water Quality Tester (ME4336) provides an accurate amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) in water. What's more, with a fully waterproof shell and easy controls, this compact tool is great for a variety of applications. Further adding to the peace of mind, this device has a long battery life and features Automatic Temperature Compensation. Whether you’re a novice or professional gardener, this soil testing kit (ME4364) always comes in handy! The kit guarantees to provide you with a precise measurement of your soil’s acidity and nutrient content. This product is ideal for testing pH, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash for lawns, flowers, shrubs, vegetables and trees. If you want to get the best results for your garden, take advantage of this great offer! Note: This pack includes 32 tests.

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Finding the Best TV Antennas and Accessories | Wiltronics
November 16, 2020

  With the emergence of streaming services, you might be wondering if TV antennas are still relevant in today’s modern world. The truth is, television entertainment wouldn’t be complete without antennas. If you want to tune in into your favourite television stations in an old-fashioned way but with better visual quality than you would receive with cable, an antenna connected to your TV is a great way to do it! But before you start investing for an antenna, here’s a tip. We advise you first check what channels are available near you. This is an excellent approach to know what TV signals are available, helping you to figure out what is the best antenna for you. Nevertheless, we assure you that you’ll find exactly what you need to get your reception crystal clear here at Wiltronics. TV Antennas If you haven’t cut the cord, now is the perfect time to improve your TV reception. Check out our great range of TV antennas and accessories; from signal finders to reception boosters for those out of town areas. This Digital TV antenna - UHF (AN0309F) is a great solution for your home in selected country areas (metro areas mostly use the digital VHF system). With this UHF Antenna, you get a log-periodic antenna that has been redesigned to reject 4G LTE signals. It also comes with mounting hardware to attach to your existing antenna mast. Or if you require a new mast, we have a range to suit most tile or tin roof applications. Great for that second TV in the garage or granny flat. This outdoor multi-band TV antenna (JLT3143) comes with a booster amplifier that is ideal for those on the go. Mounted to a caravan or marine craft, it’s the perfect way to get reception wherever you are. This Antenna also covers the VHF/UHF bands and is designed with a remote control to adjust the direction of your antenna. The built-in amplifier booster can accommodate up to 2 TVs at the same time without any signal loss. You can also purchase the telescopic antenna extendable mast to suit. This antenna also comes with supplied accessories such as a 15 metre TV cable and power pack for the motorized platform. Save time with this digital TV signal strength meter (JLT3332)! All you need is a 9-volt battery, and to connect the antenna into this unit, then position the antenna, and you’re good to go. You have an array of LED indicator lights to show you the best reception you can get. No more up and down the ladder to move the antenna and guess. This product also features the following: Includes Patch Lead Multiple Connectors Included This Kingray 4 way splitter amplifier (AN2404) has adjustable gain control, so when you struggle with a number of TV's in your house or office, this will increase your signal by up to a total gain of 16dB. Easy to install and comes with adaptors from F type connectors to Pal. You can even use it for your FM radio in your HiFi. Ideal as a multi-purpose amplifier. The "original" Kingray VHF / UHF Masthead Amplifier (AN2125F) is a powerful signal booster for digital TV. This Australian made amplifier will work in both metro and regional areas. Moreover, it covers both bands exceptionally well. With a 25dB gain receiver, it also has the 4G/LTE filtering built into the amplifier to reduce unwanted interference from mobile phone towers which can play havoc to some digital TV broadcasts. This Kingray indoor digital tv amplifier (JLT3285) is a small plug in the wall style unit that is simple to use. With no installation required, this just plugs into your power socket in the wall. You also get control to fine-tune your TV signals, and it can be used in the caravan when mains power is available. With up to 20dB gain, you can have trouble-free TV reception in metro and regional areas. This outdoor FM omnidirectional antenna (AN0120A) is a fantastic way to receive those radio stations that you can't hear on your home stereo due to static and interference. This Antenna (mast sold separately) has a 2.1dB gain which is exceptionally good for an omnidirectional antenna. This can mount on the same mast as your TV antenna. Alternatively, you may want to place it in your garage or man cave. A great product for those living just outside metro areas. 1. Cables for Antennas Browse our high-quality coaxial cable collection, available in a range of lengths and connector ends. AARC N Female to N Male RG58U Antenna Cables - Available in 1m, 2m, 3.6m, and 5m. AARC N Female to SMA Male RG58U Antenna Cables - Available in 2m, 3.6m, 5m, 10m. FME Female to N Male LL195 Antenna Cables - Available in 5m, 10m, and 15m. N Male to N Male LL195 Antenna Cables - Available in 3m, 5m, 10m, and 15m. N Male to SMA Male LL195 Antenna Cables - Available in 5m, 10m, and 15m. 2. Fly/Patch Leads and Adapters for Antennas Browse through our range of adaptors and fly/patch leads to connect your antenna here. If connecting to a wall plate, SMA male is required. When connecting to a modem the plug required varies depending on the manufacturer, check your user guide or ask your service provider if you are unsure what plug is used. 5GHz Wifi Antennas High Gain WiFi Antennas M2M & IoT WiFi Antennas Portable WiFi Antennas Vehicle Mobile Broadband Antennas UHF 433MHz Antennas UHF 477MHz Antennas Axis CB Radio Antenna 1.5m (TXAN2050) Can’t find the antenna lead/adaptor you need? Contact us as other products can be ordered on request.

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Wiltronics Collection: Efficient Home Solar Panels 2020
November 13, 2020

  If you’re planning to invest in solar panels for your home, you’ll want to make sure you’re purchasing the best of the best. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the powerful energy source from the sun, with a solar panel—you can generate your own energy, which also translates into savings on your electricity bills at home. Also known as solar modules, solar panels can generate electricity from the sun’s radiation. Apart from renewable energy and reduced energy consumption, solar energy can also be used for a variety of purposes. Take some examples: you can produce electricity in areas without access to the energy grid, power satellites in space, or distill water in regions with limited water supplies. What’s more, solar panels generally don’t demand a lot of maintenance. As long as they’re relatively clean, then they’re good to go. And what makes them worthy of your money is that solar panels have the least negative impact on the environment compared to other energy sources. It does not produce greenhouse gases, pollute water, or create any noise, which is a major benefit. If you’re looking for high quality solar panels and chargers, you can check out our great range of solar panels and chargers below! Solar cells, also called photovoltaic cells, are devices that directly convert sunlight energy into electrical energy through the photovoltaic effect. As explained by Explain That Stuff!, solar cells are often bundled together to form larger units, which are called solar modules. These solar modules are coupled into the biggest units called solar panels, a black or blue-tinted slab that you normally see on a house. Other times, the modules are chopped into chips, providing energy sources for small gadgets like pocket calculators and digital watches. Here, we offer a range of Solar Cells 0.5, 1.5 & 2.0 Volt Modules ideal for experimenting and powering of models. These cells can easily be connected together in series for increased voltage or parallel for increased current. 0.5V 0.90Amp Solar Cell (86x55mm) (KI2040) 1.5V 0.90Amp Solar Cell (86mm x133 mm) (KI2043) 2.0 V 0.90Amp Solar Cell (86mmx172mm) (KI2048) 2.0V 0.76Amp Solar Cell (86x147mm) (KI2047) 2V 0.34Amp Solar Cell (105mm x 72mm) (KI2046A) A monocrystalline solar panel is composed of monocrystalline solar cells. The overall performance of this solar panel usually has the highest efficiency (17% to 22%) and power capacity out of all types of solar panels. Monocrystalline solar panels are also considered to be the most popular solar panels among homeowners. They’re designed with a single, flat black colour—and are used in rooftop solar installations today. Here, we offer high quality Monocrystalline solar panels that are designed with robust construction and performance to suit harsh Australian conditions. Panel sizes range from 5W -175W and are used to build up a full solar array. The 65W and above have a UV stabilised waterproof junction box and short output cable. Solar Panel 12 Volt 130 Watt Monocrystalline (1179x664mm) These high performance monocrystalline solar panels (KI2098) are much smaller, thinner, higher in efficiency and more affordable than our previous models. Each panel is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions with a durable anodised aluminium frame and 3.2mm low iron tempered glass. The junction box and bypass diodes stop the panel from overheating and suffering from the “hot spot effect”. The entire range is easy to install with minimal ongoing maintenance and compatibility with industry-standard inverters and mounting systems. 10W Monocrystalline Solar Panel A high-quality 10W Solar Panel (KI2093) with high efficiency compared to regular monocrystalline models. An easy way to keep your 12V batteries topped up and ready to go. Dust and weather resistant panel with a robust frame comes with 3m long leads terminated with battery clips. Fitted with a blocking diode so you can connect directly to your battery as a trickle charger, or as a low current charger. Other products to look out for: 40W Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12V (KI2095) 80W Monocrystalline Solar Panel 12Volt (KI2097) 100W Folding Solar Panel with 5m Lead 12V (KI2074) 120W Folding Solar Panel with 5m Lead 12V (KI2078A) 160W Folding Solar Panel with 5M Lead 12V (KI2079) 200W Folding Solar Panel with 12V Regulator (JZM9137) Check out our wide range of solar panels for any situation, from solar trickle chargers to fold-out portable panels below. We also stock a wide range of other power supply options. Portable Power Camping Bundle This Portable Power Camping (JZM9137+PS3748) bundle comes at a great price. This Camping Power bundle is an ideal choice to fill your camping, 4X4 or travelling needs. It includes a folding solar panel and a portable power centre to store the power. 12V 1.5W Solar Trickle Charger This Solar Trickle Charger (JMB3504) is ideal for keeping your boat, car, tractor or any 12v household battery topped up.  You simply clip it onto your battery using the clips provided or plug it into the cigarette lighter socket. The built-in blocking diode prevents your battery draining overnight. It even works on cloudy days. This solar trickle charger is a handy product to have on hand. Laptop Charger in Car 90W Charge on the go with this sleek 90W Laptop Charger in Car (JMP3338). It comes with 12 adaptors to suit the most common laptops. What's more, the voltage is automatically adjusted to meet each unique tip. This sleek charger also has a USB port so you can charge other smart devices. Dual Port USB Hub This easily mountable Dual Port USB Hub (JPS2030) is great for cars and camping. You simply need a 12-24v adaptor and you’re good to go! This product also features the following: Versatile mounting options Dual 2.1A USB Ports Removable dust cover

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Wiltronics Electronics Testing Equipment and Their Types
November 11, 2020

  Electronic test and testing equipment is a key component to any electronics-related production, development and maintenance activity. From digital multimeters to testing accessories, they do an excellent job when it comes to detecting faults and peculiar function in devices. Whether you’re setting up your own electronics lab or you just enjoy taking items apart and want to understand how electronics or devices work, owning testing equipment can be to your great advantage. To help you find the right electronics testing equipment for you, why not browse our extensive range of electronics test devices below? From multimeters, digital capacitance testers to signal and waveform devices and student bench equipment—we have everything you need to help you find and analyze the circuit conditions and maintenance requirements in various equipment. A capacitance meter is electronic test equipment used by both amateurs and professionals to measure a capacitor. If you’re looking for one, you might want to check out our available unit below. This Tenma 72-8150 Digital Capacitance Meter (ME3173) has 3½ digits and is extremely robust and reliable. It can measure resistance, transistor hFE and test diodes. This capacitance meter can also test continuity with an audible buzzer and has a broad capacitance measurement range and precise accuracy. You can use it to measure the circuit designed capacitance of the cable, switch and PCB layout. This model also features the following: Easy to use Low battery indicator Wide range Dual integration A/D converter Rotary switch for function selection Overload fuse protection Includes alligator test clips Direct insert jacks Includes battery, alligator clips & user manual Multimeters, also known as Volt-Ohm-Milliammeters (VOM), are definitely some must-have equipment for your toolbox. This tool is designed to measure basic circuit properties, such as voltage and resistance. There will be times when your circuits stop working due to faulty wires. With the help of a multimeter, you can check the connections and save a lot of time. It really does come in handy when troubleshooting electrical connection and circuit issues. 1. Digital Multimeter Low Cost This low-cost digital multimeter (ME3080) is easy to use and features an LCD display and compact design. The diode test measures the forward resistance of a semiconductor junction at test current 1.5mA max. This product also features the following: 3½ Digit 12.5mm High LCD Display Compact design Transistor, diode test 10A DC range CE certified 2. Analogue Meter The Digital multimeter has almost completely taken over, but there are some who still prefer to use a analogue meter (ME3022). This well-made meter has audible continuity, in addition to the normal set of functions. This multimeter unit also features the following: 10 Amp DC, 20,000 ohms/V DC Mirrored large meter face Transistor Test Continuity Buzzer Fused & Diode Protected Diode Test 3. Digital Auto Range Multimeter This Auto Range Digital Multimeter (ME3083A) is ideal for both students and handymen. This model features a large LCD display, full-function protection and Auto power off, just to name a few. Great value for what you are getting! This auto range multimeter is also designed with: Autoranging True RMS Auto power off when there is no measurement in 15 minutes Backlight display NCV Non-contact voltage detection Data hold function Strong antimagnetic and anti-interferential performance 4. 5 in 1 Sensor Environmental Digital Multimeter This Multifunction Digital Multimeter (ME38210) is excellent for measuring environmental conditions, such as sound & light levels, indoor humidity and temperature. It’s also ideal in server rooms, construction sites, factories, laboratories, greenhouse/hydroponics, archive & storage areas, and anywhere environmental conditions need to be considered. Take light readings of various spaces and compare them to the recommended levels listed in the manual. The multimeter also features non-contact voltage detection, and measures both AC & DC voltage and current. Also known as a Function Generator, a waveform generator is a testing device that is used for generating Sine, Square, Triangular and Sawtooth waveforms. This equipment produces a variety of different waveforms at the desired frequency. Check out below our on-hand Signal & Waveform Test Equipment. 1. Digital Oscilloscope Featuring a 7-inch LCD, this dual-channel digital Oscilloscope (ME4431C) is designed to meet the requirements of professional electronic engineers. It also features powered digital signal processing paired with great functionality and logical display-control panels. This easy to use intuitive device also features the following: Screensaver function Trigger modes: Edge, Pulse, Video, Slope, Alternative, and Delay Front and back USB ports Unique digital filter function and waveform recorder function Pass/Fail function Auto measure function Cursor measure covers Manual, Track and Auto modes Channel waveform and its FFT waveform displayed on split-screen 2. Function Generator This unit combines a 0.2Hz, 3MHz function generator (ME4510B) and independent 6 digit frequency counter with a frequency range from 1.0Hz to15MHz. The counter will display the output frequency of the generator or can be switched to work as an independent frequency counter. This quality Logic Probe (ME4210) will test all logic families, such as TTL, LS, CMOS, etc. Pulse/normal switches are attached to indicate pulse or continuous signals. Plus, three LEDs provide the logic level indication.   These Bench Meters are triple-range type, and the galvanometer (LQDCG-1) is ±35µA. We also have a range of 4mm banana plug leads. For the cost of the two stacking plugs you can now have a pre-made lead! Available in red, black, blue, green and yellow. Lengths of 100mm, 250mm, 500mm and 1000mm are available in a super flexible 0.75mm² cable.

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