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Bushfire Preparation: Plan, Safety Tips and Supplies
March 3, 2021

Australia’s summertime calls for fun outdoor activities such as backyard cricket, BBQs, and a trip to the beach. While the long periods of hot, dry weather provides the perfect weather for everyone to have the best summer experience, it also has certain drawbacks—bushfires. If you live in a bushfire prone area, your top priority is to reduce the risk and take action to survive it. Planning and preparing your home for future extreme bushfire events can dramatically increase the chances of both your family and home surviving. Australia’s natural ecosystems have evolved with fire, and the landscape, along with its biological diversity, has been shaped by both historic and recent fires. As a result, bushfires have become an intrinsic part of the country’s environment. Bushfires are fires that occur mainly in areas of bushland. They are particularly common in areas/countries—like Australia, Africa, Greece and some parts of the USA (e.g. California)—that experience hot, dry weather. Bushfires can naturally emerge when lightning strikes and ignites dry plants and trees around the prone area. Unfortunately, this kind of event also can be caused by people both intentionally or unintentionally. For one, when someone did not extinguish their campfire properly. Although climate change doesn’t cause bushfires, it can make it worse. When our warming planet is experiencing more intense periods of drought, it dries out the vegetation, fueling the fire. With a spark, a fire can become larger and more ferocious. Here’s how you can prepare your home for bushfires, according to Fire and Rescue NSW (courtesy of Allianz). Remove leaves and any debris from the roofs, gutters and downpipes regularly. Installing quality metal leaf guards is recommended. Constantly mow your grass, both in the front and back gardens. Keep your backyard tidy and free from any build-up of flammable materials. Install a bushfire mesh over your windows, including air vents and other openings to guard your house against errant embers and radiant heat. Enclose open areas under your decks and floors. Seal all gaps in external roof and wall cladding. If you have an LPG cylinder around your home, you’ll want to make sure the pressure relief valve faces outwards. Otherwise, the flame will be directed towards the house. Remove excess ground fuels and other combustible materials. Ensure your garden hose is long enough to reach the perimeter boundary of your property. If you have trees, trim low lying branches two metres from the ground, especially those that are surrounding your home. Ensure that ALL members of your family are aware of where the community evacuation area is located. If you have a swimming pool, have a Static Water Supply sign placed on your front fence. The SWS sign could save your home in the event of a fire. This program is used to identify the location of water sources, e.g. swimming pools, in areas of high bushfire risk. Make sure to contact your local fire station for more information. On Total Fire Ban days obey regulations regarding barbecues and open fires. If there is a Community Fire Unit nearby, consider becoming a member. Have a bushfire survival plan. Don’t just have plan A; also consider plans B, C, D, and so on. Be aware of the fire-danger rating every day as much as possible. In case of extreme fire-danger rating, don’t stay to defend your home. Stay informed on major fire updates. If you receive a bushfire alert, act promptly. Clean up outside. Make sure any dry foliage such as fallen leaves are cleared away, particularly from your roof and gutters. Find Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP) close to your property. NSPs are refuges of last resort in the event the Bushfire Survival Plan can’t be implemented. Consult your local fire authority for a list of NSPs in your area. Wear protective clothing such as denim jeans, leather boots or shoes, a cotton or wool long-sleeved shirt, gloves, a non-synthetic mask/cloth, glasses/goggles, and a wide-brimmed hat. If you have pet/s, contain them in a safe place so they can easily be found in case of evacuation. Make sure to provide them with water and shade. First-aid kit Battery-operated portable radio Waterproof torch Spare batteries Candle with waterproof matches Waterproof bag with cash and credit cards, including medications, toiletries, and important documents/photos Powerbank Pocket knife Spare clothes for each of the member of the family Drinking water For pets, prepare the following items: Basket/cage/leash Medications or dietary supplements Food and drinking water Toy or item that can help reduce stress Speaking of a survival kit, here at Wiltronics, we offer a variety of Bushfire Preparation Supplies, mainly electronic supplies. Check them out to complete your survival kit essentials. Wiltronics Bushfire Preparation Supplies Be prepared and ready in case of fire emergency with our Bushfire Preparation Supplies! Check out our Bushfire Survival kit for the essential electronics for an emergency, as well as our cables and chargers to keep your devices powered. We also have fire blankets and waterproof spotlights to keep you safe. Check out recommendations from the Country Fire Authority (Vic) or Rural Fire Service (NSW), for guidance on other essentials you should have in case of an emergency. Designed to extinguish small fires or other flammable materials, this Personal Protective Fire Blanket Extinguisher features glass fibre cloth to quench fire spread. Fire retardant fibreglass fabric suffocates the flame quickly, allowing you to restore safety. Keep one at the campsite or in your kitchen, workshop, boat, caravan, or 4WD. Available in a 1.2m x 1.8m fire blanket (JGG2342) and a 1m x 1m  fire blanket (JGG2340). A perfect addition to your bushfire survival kit, this 700 Lumen Rechargeable Waterproof Torch (JST3311) features a lock switch and swing-out bracket if you need a hands-free operation, a whistle for getting attention, and a red-LED strobe function. A rechargeable battery means you will never need batteries and it is supplied with mains and cigarette lighter charger. Another one is this LED Waterproof Floating Torch (JST3487) that is equipped with 3 ultra-bright Osram Oslon LEDs for excellent illumination. Designed with a special reflector, it produces a focused beam that is capable of illuminating long distances. Features a fold-out hook at the base for attaching to your bag or hanging in your tent. Both the base end and the lens end are o-ring sealed allowing the torch to float in water. Ideal for emergency or travelling purposes, power banks always come in handy, allowing various gadgets like smartphones and tablets to recharge, especially when you don’t have any access to an outlet. Thanks to its multiple charging ports, you can charge more than two of your devices at the same time. Here, we have the Power Bank 5200 mAh (JMB3800) that features a USB output; it is compact and makes it simple to keep your devices charged. 4 LEDs show the charge status and it also comes with a 30cm micro-B USB cable to keep it charged. You also might want to check out this solar recharging power bank (JMB3791) that is designed with a huge 8,000mAh Li-po battery inside. It has a shock-resistant case rated at IP54 to protect against dust and rain, and also features a torch / SOS / caution light. A large solar panel provides emergency / powerless internal battery recharging for your power bank when there is no other power available, you can also recharge other devices using one of two USB outlets. It’s lightweight and powerful, and even comes with a carabiner to clip to your hiking bag, so you’ll never leave it behind. Accessories: Dual USB Power Adaptor (JMP3459) 4 Port USB Car Charger (JMP3686) USB Type-C to USB A Cable 1.8m (JWC7900) Lightning Cable 1 Metre for iPhone (JWC7731) This Bushfire Survival Kit (JES-000) contains essentials you may need in case of a bushfire or other emergency. It includes a power bank to keep your devices charged, a radio to stay informed, and a torch for light. Both the radio and torch are USB rechargeable and can be changed from the power bank. Also includes a 1 metre square Fire Blanket. We stock a range of compatible USB cables to suit a number of devices. We also recommended car cigarette 12VDC adaptors to easily charge devices while on the move. Here’s what you should read next: Reducing the Australian Bushfire Risk

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Best Robotics Kits for Children and their Benefits
March 1, 2021

  Technology continues to advance in healthcare, travel, communication, and education. With simulation-based education, involving robotics, this allows students to learn through exploration, hands-on practice and encouraging them to think critically. The use of technology in teaching and learning have shown their value not only in everyday learning but also in specialised education, making them worthy components of available educational resources. Robotics programs are an excellent way to teach and help kids learn valuable STEM skills. With the continuous advancement of technology, it’s important to ensure that children are prepared for what’s about to come. Courses like coding, electronics, and robotics help kids adapt better to the future. Introduce your children or students to these skills through robotics, thus helping to make them productive members of our society in the coming years. When applied in education, robotics and simulators can change the way students learn, helping them become more knowledgeable and well-adjusted. Learn more about how educational robotic simulators impacts students by reading these few benefits below. Encourages Creative thinking Learning robotics gives children an opportunity to be creative and helps them express themselves intellectually. It also encourages them to think outside the box when it comes to solving problems. Programming Becomes Easy and Entertaining Educational robotics kits strengthen students skills while supporting their knowledge through the design, creation and operation of robots. With this, young students often find themselves being engaged and entertained as they feel free to interact directly with both electrical and mechanical process and procedures. By having to control a physical robot and being able to identify what goes right and wrong, students can learn what robots can and can’t do with immediate experience and understanding. Significantly Improves Programming Skills Advanced programming and artificial intelligence, two concepts that go hand-in with robotics, are deemed to be some of the most critical areas in science at present. Therefore, robotics classes are a great way to introduce the basics of programming to children—and eventually help them improve their programming skills significantly. As robotics are very hands-on, students can find programming more interesting. Plus, the usual programming classes are purely theoretical which helps them understand and visualise the code they write. Developing Skills for the Future Programming robots can help students discover their interests, whether or not those skills (e.g. programming, science technology or engineering) are in line with their aptitudes. Here are some of the abilities developed by educational robotics, abilities that can be acquired by students, which can be fundamental to a lot of professional areas. Strategic problem-solving Computational thinking High-order thinking skills Logical and analytical reasoning In general, robotics prepare students for a competitive world. New Levels of Learning for Students with Special Needs As mentioned above, the use of technology in teaching and learning also shows value in specialised education. Meaning, robotics in the classroom can help young students with particular requirements to develop their own personal learning experience, including accessing information and other educational contents through a tailor-made path. The good thing about robotics kits is that they can be programmed to suit each individual need.  For example, children with autism can be supported by robots in the learning of communication and social skills. Kids with developmental disabilities and attention deficit also can take advantage of robotics to help them learn to stay focused, making them their constant companions as well. Wiltronics Robotics Kits   Let your children explore the world of coding with their very own Codey Rocky Robot (RO9230)! Featuring easy to use hardware and programming software mBlock 5, this robotic kit is compact and aimed at children, walking them through basic coding techniques. This allows your child to create games, sequences and even matrix animations. Thanks to the 2-in-1 design, the Codey Robot features a detachable electronic tablet from the rover. With all the features needed to cater to both very beginner and more advanced coding, this is a perfect all-inclusive coding robot! Recommended for ages 6+.   This Mazzy Robot Kit (JKR9240) is a fun way to learn and experiment with robotics and programming. Featuring 2 programming modes: either manual via the control panel or advanced programming on the app available on Google Play or the App Store. Build two different models, a robot or a rover. Includes infrared sensor to detect and avoid obstacles. Other features include: Build and program 2 Models: Robot or Rover More than 100 parts to build Easy programming - Up to 240 actions Facial expressions and sounds   Build and play with this fun Robotic Arm Kit (JKJ8988)! With 81 included pieces, assemble the robotic arm then control it with the 2.4GHz remote control. Go forward, reverse, turn left or right, spin, raise or lower the arm, and pick up items with the clamp. Tank-like tracks enable it to drive across multiple surfaces. This robotic arm kit also features a clamp to pick up small objects. The arm runs off a rechargeable battery for up to 1 hour, with a supplied USB cable to recharge it.   Tobbie the Robot (KI9031) can be set to follow or avoid obstacles in two pre-programmed settings. It also can walk around on his six legs and spin in any direction and will beep and flash his eyes while moving around. All you have to do is to power him up and watch him wake up!   Tobbie the Robot 2 (KI9032) can be your child’s ultimate robotic companion! Once you have constructed Tobbie 2, you can find pre-programmed functions such as follow me, light tracker, calculator and many more. In addition, using MakeCode or Python editors, you can easily learn to code Tobbie 2 into doing anything! Tobbie's head can rotate through 360 degrees independently of his legs and the front screen can display numbers, text or emotions and also identify the temperature and compass readings. This kit is a perfect learning tool and fun toy and is recommended for ages 8+. You can also get Tobbie the Robot 2 kit (KI9032+MB), a fully programmable "build your own" robot AND the Micro:Bit Go Development Board in this cost-effective bundle here.   This Hydraulic Cyborg Hand (JKR9266) is a great gift for kids and can help teach them how hydraulic systems work. It stimulates the movements of your hand and fingers, with three fingers and an opposable thumb. The adjustable joints allow you to pick up large objects like a bottle of water and also smaller items like a pen. Step-by-step build instructions included, and no batteries required.   This Coding Robot Kit (JKR9264) is a great way to learn the fundamentals of coding and robotics. Tribo is a 182 piece kit that can be built into three different models! Program using the integrated keyboard, with no computer, smartphone or tablet required, the Tribo is a perfect entry-level robotics kit. Other features include: The Doodler. This model can hold a marker pen and draw patterns. The Shooter. The Shooter can fire three soft-tipped bullets at targets around the room. The Sweeper. Collects anything in your path as you move.   Based on Arduino programming, the Makeblock DIY Starter Robot Kit (RO9200) is ideal for those new to programming. The Makeblock DIY Starter Robot is able to read both block and text-based programming, making it easy for beginners to create stories, games and even hardware. While mBot can read basic code, it is also capable of platforms such as Python, Scratch, Arduino, AI, Deep Learning and IoT. Other features include: Easy to assemble. Makeblock DIY Starter Robot Kit has colour coded ports and wires making assembly quick and easy. Compatible with LEGO. This mBot chassis is compatible with most LEGO pieces, further expanding the creative possibilities. Compatibility. Connect your mBot to any smart device using Bluetooth for even more accessibility. Coding. Your mBot comes with various mini-programs meaning that you can start learning instantly! Education. Designed to be accessible to children, with plenty of online resources for learning.  

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Event Party Supplies: Lights, Sounds, and Accessories
February 22, 2021

  Planning an event can be stressful, but being organised will ensure that it will come out just right. When organising a celebration, be it a wedding or birthday bash, there are tons of points that need to be considered. From guest lists, decorations to catering, audiovisual equipment is one of the most essential party supplies to take into consideration. The guests should be able to see and hear everything clearly, so they can relax and enjoy the event to the fullest. Proper lighting can set the tone and mood of your party. With the right combinations of decors, your event will render the perfect ambience for your guests. When picking party light colours, use coloured lights that complement the theme. For evening events, colours blue, purple and red work well, whereas yellow and white are ideal for casual birthday celebrations, weddings, as well as conferences. Lighting fixtures like disco balls, strobe lights and flexible strip lights are also perfect for both indoor and outdoor events. For company meetings or conferences, gobo (blocking/patterned) lights make the ideal choice for lighting. Not only it can be used to project the company logo or slogan, but also for projecting patterns on the walls and ceilings. Meanwhile, spotlights are perfect for illuminating the stage, including the guest speaker. This type of event lighting is traditionally used for a variety of purposes. If you wish to illuminate centrepieces, decorations and the walls, pin lighting is your best bet. They’re perfect for giving accent points of interest and are particularly good at highlighting the things you want the guests to notice. When it comes to the audiovisual aspects, consider the size of the venue and audience, the purpose of the event, and whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Generally, you’ll need high-quality amplifiers, microphones and speakers to produce a good quality sound. If it’s a large celebratory event, it’s best to hire a team that can handle the light and sound for a more cost-effective option. Regardless of how big or small the event is, having a run-though a few days before the party will ensure the celebration goes off without a hitch. During rehearsals, make sure the volume is perfect—not too low or too loud. Have your team or assistant stand around the room and check if the microphones and speakers are working well. Don’t forget to check the lights as well. There’s nothing worse than a blinking spotlight, an unfocused projector, or a blown fuse on an important event. Sound checks and rehearsals can help you fix any problems in advanced, which will also be a big stress reliever. Paying attention to the details is crucial so everything runs smoothly and your guests leave with a great impression. Before picking centrepieces, flower arrangements and other accessories and party decors, be sure the lighting and sound system is on point. Great food and fun entertainment will make your guests happy, but a party wouldn’t be complete without lights and music. If you have too little time to arrange the sound and lighting, renting these essential party equipment is worth a shot. Here are the few things to keep in mind: The space. Before renting out the equipment, figure out where you plan to set them up and plug in each of the pieces. If the party is indoors, always consider if the walls, or the building itself, can handle all the sound and lighting tools. When installed, some pieces can damage the walls, including the rented items and space. Create a solid game plan. Measure the space and sketch out where the sound and lights equipment should be placed. You’ll also want to make sure everything is tucked out of the way of your guests. Having a solid game place will help you determine what you need to rent. Hire an event planning company. Hiring a team of experts can take care of all the details, from planning to removing the equipment afterwards—letting you relax and focus on the rest of the party. Wiltronics Event Party Supplies & Equipment If it’s party lights and equipment you’re after to celebrate your next big occasion, we’ve got it all from fog machines, disco lights and more! We also carry a range of supplies to keep that bubble machine or fog machine going for hour and hours. Get that equipment & supplies sorted for your next big party or gathering. Don’t forget to check out our party supplies: lighting and sound sections on our website.   Disco Ball with LED Spotlights Get your shoes on the dance floor with this Disco Ball with LED Spotlights (JSL2916) and create the perfect atmosphere! Your next party will have people dancing the night away when you set the right mood. Along with a fog machine (JAF1220) and some tunes, you will have them flocking to get up and boogie. The disco ball comes with 2 bright LED spotlights and a number of smaller lights embedded in the base unit. All you need to do is place it somewhere secure and plug it in and let the good times roll.   LED Strobe Light Strobe lights have been around for years and still as popular today as the golden days of disco, making them a major part of any lighting show with a dance floor. Our LED Strobe Light (JSL2895), also available in a Mini Strobe Light (JSL2990), uses a xenon flash tube and has a variable flash rate up to 10 Hz. It comes with an array of 24 bright white LED with a mounting bracket. You can also adjust the flash rate with a control knob located at the back of the unit. Paired with effects machines and other lighting systems we carry, you are sure to get the party started right!   Laser Light Show Here at Wiltronics, we offer three types of laser lights: the RGB Mini Laser Light Show, Mini Stage Laser Lights, and Outdoor LED & Laser Light. The RGB Mini Laser Light Show (JSL3454) creates an array of dazzling effects with 16 different display patterns and can either run independently or pick up on the beat of the music. Alternatively, use the included remote control to select the display pattern, speed, and modes. Mains power supply included, so you just plug and play! The Mini Stage Laser Light with battery (JSL3450), on the other hand, is ideal for those unexpected guests and a small BBQ's that turns into a great party. Grab this from the shelf and you're ready to go with a built-in battery ready to shine and bling any backyard or house with dazzling laser effects. With a portable laser light show, it’s almost impossible to not have a great time! Double this up with one of our mini fog machines and you've got a club in your yard or garage. Fairy lights are fun, but this Outdoor LED & Laser Light (JSL3401) show will amaze when your friends drop in for your party. It takes seconds to install, and is sure to get everyone in the partying mood! It combines a red and green laser with a high power LED for a stunning array of visual effects. It’s also a great addition for festive lighting to help avoid any “dead areas” where you don’t have other lights. Includes a remote control so it can easily be mounted out of reach if needed, a mounting stand and garden spike, as well as a mains power adaptor. RGB LED Par Stage Light The 4W RGB LED Par Stage Light (JST3602) features super bright LED lights with a multitude of colours to choose from. Or you can use the DMX control for the ultimate experience at your next party or event. Do it like the pros do and program your lighting yourself, or you can run the default program. This unit also comes with a built-in microphone to sync lighting changes with the beat of the music. You also might want to check out our 18 x 1W RGB LED Par Stage Light (JST3600). With DMX512 control, you can design your own style of lighting and match it with the pros. You can also use the onboard preset programs or choose your own. There's even a built-in microphone to assist and keep the light changes in time with the beat of the music. Thanks to the sturdy metal bracket, you can permanently mount the lighting rig. Or if you like, you can use the assisted bracket for tabletop placement. There are many uses for this fantastic lighting system from wall mood lighting at a gathering to outdoor displays during festive seasons. Both our RGB LED lights are a great addition to any live event!     RGB LED Flexible Striplight The RGB LED flexible strip light (JSL3942) is a great lighting solution for the home bar or space you need lights. Change the colours to suit the mood, or simply change it because you want to. This handy little remote control does it all. You can change the brightness of any colour you like. No problem if this strip is too long. You can trim it down to size at the markers specified. Totally flexible and has the self-adhesive strip. Plus, the mains power supply included. We also offer strip lighting (JSL3954) that has an array of programmed sequences. You can change the effects by using the remote control unit included in this kit. Each bank of 3 LED's can create a dazzling display from water flowing to bouncing lights. Changing the styles and colours to exactly what you want is easy with the remote control.   No party would be complete without a great sound system. Here you will find everything from boombox style active speaker systems to microphones and stands and much much more. Check out our range of equipment supplies and lighting for that extra bit of atmosphere. Speaker System 8" Portable PA Speaker with Bluetooth (JCS2495) 12" Portable PA Speaker System with Wireless Microphone (JCS2497) 15" PA System with Twin Wireless Microphones (JCS2491) Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker (JXC5242) Mixer DJ Mixer - 3 Channel (JAM4207) Portable Audio Mixer With Bluetooth (JAM4230) PA Systems - Portable Portable PA System - 100W - 8 Channel (JCS2566) Portable PA System with Wireless Microphone (JAM4095) Microphones Dual Wireless UHF Microphone System (JAM4132) Single Channel Wireless UHF Microphone (JAM4119) Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone (JAM4190)   Machines Professional Bubble Machine (JAB1229) Smoke Machine with Remote (JAF1214) 600W Snow Machine (JAF1221) Portable Bubble Machine (JAB1224) Stands Boom Microphone Stand (JAM4113) Large PA Speaker Stand (JCS2493) Lighting Stand - Adjustable (JCL2800) Extras Bubble Machine Liquid (JAB122) Fog Machine Liquid 5 Litre (JAF1223) Liquid for Snow Machines (5L) (JAF1222) Water-Based Fog Machine Liquid 1 Litre (JAF1212) Strawberry Essence Scent for Fog Machines (JAF1211)

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Auto Accessories: Why Are They Necessary?
February 19, 2021

  Having a maintenance routine for your car is an excellent way to extend its life, keeping it running smoothly and looking visually appealing. When it comes to adding style or improving its capabilities, this is where auto accessories can be of service. Whether you own a used or a brand new car, automobile accessories can provide your vehicle with a smart look while protecting it from wear and tear. A good example of this is adding seat covers to protect the seats from the sun and bodywear. In general, auto accessories can give your car an upgraded look, making it look better then it would without them. There are several types of car accessories on the market. Some are essentials—these are accessories that should be installed when taking delivery of a new car, such as jump starters. While others are installed due to the owner’s personal interest, e.g. phone mount, air freshener, etc. Overall, auto accessories play an important role in safeguarding the value and performance of a car. Here’s a list of why auto accessories are important, including some of the benefits that come with investing in them. As we’ve mentioned earlier, there are certain accessories that are essential and a car wouldn’t be complete without them. For one, a booster cable or jump starters. Although it may not be useful for every day it could be a time-saving accessory when the ignition key won’t turn. Jumpstarters come in handy when your car’s battery suddenly has stopped working and needs a jump. When talking about car cleanliness, it shouldn’t be neglected. Investing in a car cleaning kit or products like brushes or mats can keep your vehicle clean, providing an appealing look to the interior. Adding a touch of luxury to your car will depend on your personal interest. Some accessories may not be as essential, but they sure can give a high-quality physical appearance to it. Other than upgrading your vehicle with premium car tech, installing new seat covers also can furnish new look to the interior of your car while providing more comfortable seating for you and for the passengers. In addition to seat covers, there are several other luxury accessories that add extra beauty and keep the passengers entertained during long trips. Just like these In Car Entertainment accessories from Wiltronics. A perfect addition to your car and family long road trips, this 9 Inch LCD Monitor (JQM3874) with HDMI integrates composite RCA and HDMI inputs, making it an ideal monitor solution for reversing, security or a multimedia entertainment display. We also offer a highly lightweight Monitor LCD TFT 7 inch with IR Remote (JQM3752) that is suitable for all kinds of applications for mobile and fixed monitoring. You can use it to view videos from any composite source, such as a DVD player or game console, making it ideal for in-car and home entertainment. This monitor unit is great for a tracking system for surveillance as well. What’s more, they feature flexible display, have low power consumption, a wide viewing angle, and are compatible with NTSC and PAL. Plus, it can change the mirror image by pressing a button, making it suitable for buses with a camera to look back while reversing. When it comes to benefits, auto accessories help in uplifting the aesthetics of your car. Accessories like interior lights, body decals, stereo systems, just to name a few, can make your car look even better. A well-maintained and good looking car will remain valuable for a long time. If you decide to sell your car in the future, you and the buyer will benefit from it. To ensure your car’s interior matches to the exterior, it’s necessary to buy and use high-quality accessories that match with your car and other features. There are some instances where it’s required or necessary to replace some of the interior or exterior part of the car to make it more comfortable for both driver and passengers. For instance, car organisers or a glove box can help in cleaning up the mess inside the car, making it comfier for one to drive. This also gives more space to the driver and passenger to sit comfortably and enjoy the road. A mobile phone holder is also one of the common accessories that makes a car spacious. Although a mobile phone doesn’t take much space, when all items inside the car are organised, it will be more comfortable for the driver or passenger. Not only that but a phone holder is also considered as a secure technique during driving as it provides the right place for smartphones for GPS, preventing distractions on the road and other purposes. These are the most common reasons why people take advantage of auto accessories, and there are just too many reasons why car accessories are a good idea for your vehicle. If you’re looking for the right accessories, you can visit your local store near you or shop online. Or you can check out our collection below and find the right auto accessories for your car.   GPS Speedometer Works more accurately than a mechanical speedometer, this GPS Speedometer (JLA9025) can operate independently and is not subject to factors such as type pressure, different ratio, circumference etc. This wireless device is also safer to use on the road as the large LCD can be mounted on the windshield. This allows you to analyze speed without having to take your eyes off the road. Equipped with a suction mount holder, cigarette lighter charger and USB cable, you can take this anywhere you go!   In-Car Battery Monitor and Temperature Display Featuring a bright LED screen with dual function display, this In-Car Battery Monitor and Temperature Display (JQP2222) will provide you with the battery/system voltage and current temperature whenever power is used. What's more, no installation required. Absolute plug and play, just plug it in the available cigarette lighter socket.   4G GPS Vehicle Tracker Travel whenever your heart desires with the 4G GPS Vehicle Tracker (JLA9038). This device tracks whereabouts of your vehicle in realtime via the Internet on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Installation is easy and works by sending the vehicle's GPS coordinates via the 4G LTE network to the free online tracking service, which shows the place on Google Maps and provides information on the exact spot. Other features include: 2G/3G/4G Capable GPS & GSM module Monitor via PC, Smartphone, or Tablet Rechargeable Battery SMS Location & Tracking Return Geo-Fence Alarm iOS, Android and Web Tracking   GPS Heads-Up Display Deemed as the big brother of head-up displays, this 5.5” GPS Heads-Up Display (JLA9034) is a must-have! The device features standard elements such as current speed in mp/h or km/h, as well as a compass. The 5.5'' display guarantees all information is easy to read, clear and large. Furthermore, it provides driving time and trip meter (distance travelled), which can be extremely useful. The 5.5'' display guarantees all information is easy to read, clear and large. It comes with a current altitude and the number of satellites currently in range for precision. Absolutely a fantastic unit, and great safety addition to your vehicle to make sure you keep your eyes on the road. Other features include: Vehicle Speed & Compass Tripmeter & Driving Time Auto-Brightness Adjustment 12/24VDC Operation Battery Voltage Display   Laptop Charger in Car Featuring 12 adaptors to suit the most common laptops, you can now charge on the go with this sleek 90W Laptop Charger in Car (JMP3338).  What's more, the voltage is automatically adjusted to meet each unique tip. This sleek charger also has a USB port so you can charge other smart devices. Note: Suits Toshiba®, HP®, Sony®, Asus®, Liteon®, Samsung®, Acer®, LG®, Dell®, Lenovo® and IBM® laptops.   12VDC Lead Acid Battery Tester Suitable for testing various battery types and works well on all automotive 12V lead-acid batteries, this 12VDC Lead Acid Battery Tester (JQP2261) accurately measures the Alternator's charging and Starter's cranking conditions. Additionally, this battery tester features an LCD display to indicate the results. And what's more! it has a menu tab, and clips to connect the battery tester to the vehicle's battery. Other features include: Meets major battery testing standards such as CCA, BCI, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, IEC, EN, SAE, and GB. Identify a battery with bad cells With reverse polarity protection LCD display to indicate the results, a menu tab, and clips.   LCD Monitor with HDMI Ideal for a car or a bus, this 9 Inch LCD Monitor with HDMI (JQM3874) comes with a glare shield. It integrates composite RCA and HDMI inputs, making it an ideal monitor solution for reversing, security or multimedia entertainment display.   Battery Boxes Here, we also offer a robust battery box that can suit 40Ah (JHB8100) to 100Ah (JHB8102) SLA, guaranteeing to protect your battery from any damage. Great for mounting in your trailer, boat, or caravan. Mounting clamps and lid straps are included to hold the box securely in place.   Trailer Plugs, Adaptors, & Accessories Most new vehicles are equipped with a tow package that has connectors. Trailers with electric brakes need them too. Around 2” diameter connector, the 7-way trailer plug allows an additional pin for auxiliary 12-volt power or backup lights. It’s commonly used for towing heavy-duty cargo trailers, dump trailers, aluminium trailers, including open car and enclosed car hauliers, to name a few. Here, we have a great selection of trailer plugs, adaptors and accessories. From 7 pin flat plug to 7 pins small round socket to large round socket, flat socket, to trailer cable, check out the range of trailer plugs, adaptors and accessories here.

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Choosing The Best LED Lighting For Your Home
February 17, 2021

  Energy-efficient LED lighting has changed the lighting industry. Here’s what you need to know about buying home LED lighting fixtures. Standing for light-emitting diodes, LEDs use less energy, last longer, and are now available in a variety of types suitable for your home, car, the outdoors and even your workplace. But how exactly do they work inside your home? Are they really beneficial? LEDs do a wide variety of jobs in all kinds of devices, from forming numbers on digital clocks to notify you when certain appliances at home are turned on, just to name a few. Basically, light-emitting diodes are small bulbs that can fit easily into an electrical circuit. Unlike incandescent bulbs, they don’t have filaments that burn out and they use less energy/electricity. Hence, they don’t get hot. Moreover, LEDs emit visible light when an electric current passes through it. This type of lighting fixture is essentially the opposite of a photovoltaic cell, a device that converts the visible light into electrical current. A diode, on the other hand, is a semiconductor device that is typically made out of aluminium-gallium-arsenide (AlGaAs). This component has two electrodes, anode and cathode, through which electricity flows in only one direction—in through the anode and out through the cathode. The Technical Details LEDs are composed of two types of semiconducting materials, and these are p-type and n-type. Also called astringent materials, both materials have been doped and created by introducing the original material to atoms of another element. Doped is the process of dipping the said materials into a substance called a “doping agent.” Meanwhile, the new atoms replace some of the previously existing atoms, altering the physical and chemical structure. Since LEDs don’t use much electricity, estimating their brightness through their watts is no use. Instead, consider the lumens, which is a more direct measurement of brightness. Around 800 lumens is equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb, while 1600 lumens is about as bright as a 100-watt incandescent bulb. According to EarthLED, light bulbs work in a similar way to the sunlight, giving us energy. Blue light-emitting bulbs produce serotonin, which helps us feel focused, awake, and alert. While melatonin producing light bulbs, those who don’t emit blue light waves, helps us feel relaxed, drowsy, and ready for a good nights sleep. We’ve listed below the ideal home LED lighting for every room below, courtesy of EarthLED. LED Lighting for Bedrooms A bedroom is intended primarily for sleeping. Generally, the atmosphere there should be relaxed, calm, and peaceful—and your choice of lighting fixture will make a difference. When it comes to choosing the LED light for bedrooms, avoiding blue light waves help your brain produce the melatonin needed for a comfortable sleep. If you like to read at night, it’s best to opt for a soft blue or neutral tones for your bedside reading lamp for a better reading experience. LED Lighting for Home Office Creating a space that promotes efficiency and productivity in a non-traditional work environment is crucial in every home office. So when lighting your home office, make sure the lights are maximising your ability to be efficient in the space provided. Cool-white lights can mimic daylight, hence installing them in your home office will help increase your serotonin production, keeping you focused, alert, and energised. You also might want to consider investing in an LED desk lamp as they offer great task lighting. Here, we have the Desktop Magnifying Lamp (JQM3552) that is perfect for compact workspaces. As the name implies, this LED light lamp features a large 100mm 3-dioptre glass lens that provides powerful magnification. The desktop stand also includes two knuckles so you can adjust the lens to where you need it. Mains powered, adaptor included. LED Lighting for Lounge Room The lounge room is the popular area in the house to entertain, kick back and relax. Whether you’re watching a movie or chatting with friends, having a mix of light sources that can adapt to whatever the occasion will be a plus. Just like in bedrooms, it’s good to avoid bright, blue-light emitting lamps that create serotonin. To create a more cosy space, warm white lighting fixtures can do the trick. If you want to reduce glare on your television or illuminate artwork or family photos, you can point adjustable spotlight lamps at the walls, or ceilings to eliminate unwanted shadows. LED Lighting for Dining Room Overly bright and obnoxious lighting is not ideal in the dining room, and we certainly don’t want it to be dim when eating a nice meal with the family or guests. Dimmable overhead fixtures can provide you with the perfect brightness at any time of the day. Experts also recommend soft to neutral tones to create a perfect ambiance. LED bulbs for a chandelier are ideal too as they now offer beautiful colour and light output. LED Lighting for Kitchen A kitchen is a place where most of us start our morning, even some consider it as an essential workspace. Adding blue-light emitting bulbs over the counters will help you stay alert and awake while cooking and preparing breakfast. If you want to have a specific lighting fixture over the table in your kitchen, we suggest a warmer colour temperature to create a nice ambience while balancing out the brighter blue lights over the kitchen counters. LED Lighting for Bathroom Using bright lights in the bathroom, ideally coming around from the mirror rather than the ceiling, guarantees that we don’t miss any spots while shaving or mess up makeup. We suggest using globe style bulbs to illuminate common fixtures places above and or around the mirror. Putting a LED retrofit (soft-white) in the shower fixture is also a great way to boost up your energy before tackling the day ahead. We hope these tips will help you identify the best-LED lighting fixtures for each room of your house. Now, if you’re looking for LEDs, you also might want to check our great range of LED lighting below. Here at Wiltronics, we have a great range of indoor, light strips, work lights and LED power supplies available in our store and on our website. Indoor LED Lighting Here, we offer a stylish and compact LED Cabinet Light (JST3915) that is ideal for wide use, from household applications like kitchen cabinets to domestic applications, auto and more. Featuring a touch sensor, simply touch the aluminium casing to turn on/off the light. Screw mounting holes in the base hidden behind the removable aluminium trim for neat and easy installation. Uses 36pcs of 3528 SMD LEDs. 90 degree light output. LED Light Strips Perfect for window displays, in showrooms, hotels, caravans and much more, this quick and easy LED Strip Light (JST3930) comes pre-assembled with a frosted white diffuser, in an attractive aluminium case. It also features a generous beam angle with on/off switch. With easy to install instructions, you will have this strip light up and working in no time. We also offer LED Light Strip Kits, linkable and supplied with connectors! These kits are great for easy installation for bathroom or accents or cove lighting in the kitchen. Buy two or more of these stylish aluminium light strips and join them together with the supplied straight and right-angle connectors, mounting screws and power connector cables. This kit is available in 324mm with 48 LEDs or in a longer 524mm with 84 LEDs. LED Light Strips - Flexible This type of LED light strips is a flexible circuit board that can be stuck almost anywhere you want to add accents or powerful lighting in a variety of colours and brightnesses. Since they’re flexible, they can be bent vertically up to 90 degrees, allowing you to add light to places previously thought impossible. Here we have a collection of LED flexible strip lights in rolls of 5 metres. These cost-effective strip lights are available in a range of bright colours, with adhesive backing for easy application. RGB LED Light Strips are also available, which provide a multitude of colour and effects options. Wiltronics has sourced Crimp Leads to suit our LED Strip Lights. Planning on cutting the LED strips into smaller lengths? These handy crimp leads will save you the hassle of soldering a section of cut strip lighting. Check out our range of LED Strip Lights here. LED Work Lights Brighten up your workspace with this portable LED Work Light (JSL2869). An ultra-rugged and huge 5W COB LED designed for your workshop space, even for camping, emergency, and general lighting applications. It provides amazing light output with low heat. Convenient fold-out stand. With high/low light modes to suit your requirements. It also features the following: High & Low Brightness 180° Adjustable Bracket Ultra-Bright Cool White LEDs Weatherproof Design LED Power Supplies Planning to build your own LED fixtures? Perhaps you plan to fix and retrofit existing fixtures, or wish to purchase new LED lights? Then you’ll be needing a correct power source. You will need a constant LED driver or a constant voltage power supply (or a combination of both) to make your LEDs work properly. You can check our LED Power Supplies below to suit your needs. LED Power Supply Dimmable 75-24B 24V/3.15A 60W - Meanwell ELG Dimmable LED Power Supply LED Driver Meanwell ELG-75-12B 12V/5A 60 Watt LED Driver Meanwell LPF-40D-24AU 24V/2.5A 60 Watt

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The Importance of Home Alarm Systems
February 15, 2021

  Worried about installing, arming, and disarming a home security system and even dealing with false alarms? While there may be a few factors to consider, home alarm systems can guarantee one thing: the safety of your loved ones and valuables. But how exactly could a home security system benefit the whole family? There are a few elements to think about when it comes to this matter, and we’re here to help you! The mere presence of a home security system, such as a surveillance camera, can deter potential intruders. Perpetrators wouldn’t want to increase their chances of getting caught in the act by homeowners when a home is equipped with security cameras. According to a study, when the number of home security systems increased in an area, the chance of robberies was lower. The research indicates that installing security systems can protect you and your home while creating a safer neighbourhood. It's a win-win situation! Other than keeping your family members safe, you should keep an eye on your property and valuables as well—and a home security system can be your first line of defence to protect your possessions. Vandals are less likely to break into your property if you have an alarm that can scare them off and can notify the local authorities. With this, both your property and valuables have greater security. With today’s advanced technology, homeowners can now remotely control what’s happening in their home with modern security systems. If your home is armed with security cameras along with smart devices, you can monitor them as well as control smart keyless door locks and lights in every room of your home. Advanced home security systems can also alert you if someone comes into your home, such as when your child arrives home after school. What’s good about this is that you can also arm and disarm the system remotely. Most home security systems come with built-in fire and carbon monoxide detectors. The system will alert the central monitoring system while sending an audible alarm to anyone at home in case of detected fire or gas problems. This alarm can allow you to take action immediately. You'd also have the time to get out of the house while emergency services are on the way. Knowing the security and peace of mind you gain from having a home alarm is the greatest benefit of all, helping you to alleviate worry and stress. The assurance of feeling safe will help you be a more productive, focused and healthy person. Whether you rent or own the house, adding a security system gives you an extra layer of defence from any potential trespassers. These are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy and that you and your family can take advantage of. Check out our range of friendly Alarm Systems to help keep your home or office secure at all times. Entry Doorway IR Beam This Entry Doorway IR Beam (AL0013) is a compact entry warning system, designed for use in the homes, stores, restaurants, clinics and dentist surgeries. It alerts you to the entry of your children, visitors, or customers. Consisting of a send/receive unit, the IR beam transmits across the doorway onto a reflector mounted on the opposite side. It will then reflect the receiver to complete the circuit. If a person walks through it, it will be interrupted, causing the alarm to sound an audible warning. Door / Entry Infrared Beam Sensor A heavy-duty variant of the standard beam sensor used in doorway announcers, this Door / Entry Infrared Beam Sensor (JLA5179) is perfect for detecting when a person or object crosses a boundary or a way of entry. Simply mount the sensor module aligned with the reflector, and any object that triggers the beam will activate the output.  A modulated beam on the sensor module repels sunlight interference. 15m range. It’s perfect for linking to existing lighting or security systems. It's compatible with the extension buzzer and counter add-on units for our standard door beam too. This infrared beam sensor is designed with weatherproof polycarbonate housing and an anti-fog sensor window, making it suitable for outdoor use even in dusty or damp conditions. LED indicators assist installation and provide a visual indication of the status of the beam. AMC KX Series Alarm Control Unit - K4 The KX Series (AL1002) are security control panels for building protection; hybrid system (wired and wireless input); EN 50131, Grade 2, Class 2 approved. The control panel is equipped with 4/8 zones and can be expanded to 16/64. It is possible to obtain more zones by double and triple EOL split line (K4-K8). KX Series are able to notify situations of Alarm, Robbery, Tampering and Trouble with different carriers: PSTN LINE on board (voice beep calls*, Contact ID, SIA FSK, etc.) GPRS/3G/4G module (voice beep calls*, SMS, Contact ID, DC09 IP protocol for Contact ID and SIA IP) IP module (DC09 IP protocol for Contact ID and SIA IP) *The KX Series does not have voice synthesis. Key Fob Remote Manages up to 4 different devices, this key fob remote (JLR8824) comes with a sole controller. It has four channels, each of which can individually configure to momentary or latching mode via DIP switch. Endless access control applications via door, alarms, entry points, arming or disarming security systems all in one unit. Spare remote - sold separately Spare hardwired remote - sold separately Other features include SAW locked, rolling-code and water-resistant. Home Alarm System Accessories Red Shield Wireless Indoor 120dB Siren (AL5142) - Wireless indoor 120dB siren suitable for use with 8 Channel Red Shield Wireless Alarm Kit (AL5280) or 8 Channel Wireless Alarm Kit with Telephone Dialler (AL5290). Red Shield Key Fob Remote Control (AL5149) - This compact Key Fob remote control is used with 8 Channel Red Shield Wireless Alarm Kit or 8 Channel Wireless Alarm Kit with Telephone Dialler. It features 3 modes and a panic function to seek help immediately. Looking for home security cameras or CCTV camera kits? Here’s what you need to know next: Wiltronics Home Security Cameras

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