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Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. Privacy Policy


Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. is committed to protecting your personal privacy and information you disclose to us, when pacing an order for goods and/or services with us.


Unless with prior consent to do so, Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. will only collect and use the personal information as stated below and for nothing else.


When an order is placed online (or over the phone) personal information such as your name, address, email address, phone numbers and credit card details etc. will be requested in order to successfully process and send your order as quickly as possible. This information is entered onto a secured server.


Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. understands and recognises your right to personal privacy and collected information will not be disclosed for any other purposes, other than those listed below, without your consent. We will NOT disclose your personal information to any external organisation or non-official government entity (i.e. financial institutions, credit card issuers, etc.) and we will NOT sell your information to any other company/entity.


To facilitate the delivery of your ordered good we use third party service providers, freight companies, courier services, Australia Post, etc., who perform the delivery service for us. This requires us to temporarily provide some of your personal information, including your name, address, phone number and or email address. This information is supplied to the third party service provider on a temporary basis to enable the service provider and its contractors to perform the specific function of goods delivery. These organisations all have policies and procedures in place to protect your personal information and to only use it for purposes consistent with the reason it is provided, the delivery of your goods.


We will however in exceptional circumstances, disclose information to the Australian Federal Police, Australian Taxation Office or State Police if the information is requested via a court order to assist in investigations and/or if it is required by law. Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. may also disclose information to protect its rights or property (i.e. debit collection).


Personal information will be used to allow Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. to:

· Process your order quickly and efficiently

· Contact you about your order status and product availability.

· Contact you about payment and accounts

· Contact you about new products, specials and industry news. If this happens we will always ensure that you have an ability to opt out of future such communications.


Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. employees are obliged to respect customer confidentiality and privacy. Any recorded digital information is stored on secured servers and hardcopy’s are stored in locked areas.


Personal information that is transmitted across the internet is not regarded as absolutely secure, Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. is not responsible for any loss or damages due to unauthorised or unlawful access to personal information while being transmitted to us.


Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. website links to websites external to and is not responsible for the content or conduct of these websites or companies/organisations.


Wiltronics Research Pty. Ltd. endeavours to keep the information contained within this document up to date and relevant, so please check back for any updates. Any Right to Erasure, Access, and Rectification requests can be directed to If you have any enquires regarding the privacy policy or website, please don’t hesitate to send an email to or call +61 3 5334 2513