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The Must-Have 3D Printer Accessories

December 22, 2022

3D Printing Accessories - The Must Have Items

Successful 3D printing depends on more than just the printer itself. This is where 3D printer accessories come into play.

With the continuous development of technology, 3D printers are among the most in-demand inventions. The technique is, unsurprisingly, called three-dimensional printing. And to fulfil a specific function or requirement of this process, extra tools and parts are needed.

The right 3D printer accessories can help expand your horizons. Be it for enhancing the printing experience or building better-quality models, you have the confidence in knowing that your prints will come out exactly as desired.

Here is a list of the must-have 3D printer accessories to make the most out of your 3D printing machine.

Why Invest in 3D Printer Accessories?

Like other machines, 3D printers have a fair number of specialised tools and parts to run. These components are essential for the process to achieve the perfect printing output.

For instance, some filaments must be dried to produce higher-quality 3D-printed parts. Filament dryers, vacuum containers, and dry boxes are designed for this purpose.

Known as 3D printer accessories, they are a crucial element of any 3D model maker’s workspace. You will also want to keep equipment such as bed adhesive and removal blades within arm’s reach.

Below is a list of some of the great items to go with your 3D printer:

1. Dry Box

When filaments are dried, they may begin to absorb moisture and get wet again. This is particularly true for hydrophilic materials. Wet filaments can lead to a failed 3D printing output.

In other cases, once exposed to air moisture for a long time, filaments can no longer fulfil their role. Enter dry boxes – they keep filament dry prior to printing.

If you are looking for one, consider investing in a unit with a built-in heater – just like the one below!

Filament Storage Dry Box with Built-in Heater

Filament Storage Dry Box with Built-in Heater

Product code: DF4430

This dry box is more than just a storage box. It actively heats up to keep the filament dry.

The built-in heater prevents any moisture affecting the filament. It has a maximum heating temperature of 80ºC (heating panel temperature).

The filament is rack-placed, and the unit offers enough space for a silica gel pack. It also comes with anti-skid rubber feet.

2. Filament Dryers

Most filaments print at 200°C or above; they must be dry before the printing process. If wet in the course of printing, the moisture will vaporise in the nozzle. This can result in printing failure and poor final print quality.

Filaments like nylon and PVA absorb moisture from the air. It is necessary to dry them out first. The same goes for PLA and ABS if exposed to air with high humidity.

A very handy 3D printer accessory that specialises in this job is the filament dryer. Most designs look like a storage box with a heated environment that bakes filaments. This feature allows moisture to escape and ensures what is inside remains dry.

3. Vacuum Containers

Another 3D printer accessory that helps keep filaments dry is the vacuum container. Unlike the first two, it features a special vacuum valve and pumps that suck the air out, creating a seal.

This vacuum seal prevents air moisture from entering the storage container. And to hold this strong seal, both the lid and the container are designed to have a robust structure.

When completely sealed, the valve will collapse inward from its original dome shape. This works because of the vacuum indicator.

4. Wash and Cure Machine

Proper washing and curing of resin 3D models is crucial. Luckily, a wash and cure machine does the job effectively.

As the name suggests, it washes and cures 3D prints. Most models have a button that switches between two modes. There is also a rotary encoder for setting the timer function.

The cleaning bucket has a spun propeller at the bottom for agitating the cleaning fluid. To cure the model, take it out of the solution, dry it with a towel, and replace the cleaning tank with the turntable.

Turn the front switch ON from wash mode to cure mode. Put your three-dimensional model in and replace the lid, and it will start curing.

Check these wash and cure machines from Anycubic below!


Anycubic Wash and Cure Machine V2 - For Resin 3D Prints

Anycubic Wash and Cure Machine V2 – For Resin 3D Prints

No longer available

Product code: JTL4424

This model features a built-in 405nm light set and a rotatable curing platform. The machine will automatically pause when the top cover is lifted.

The wash function washes away any excess solution from your print.


Anycubic Wash and Cure Plus for Mono X Resin 3D Printer

Anycubic Wash and Cure Plus for Mono X Resin 3D Printer

No longer available

Product code: JTL4423

Ideal to pair with the Mono X Resin 3D Printer. Like the first unit, it has a built-in 405nm UV light set and a full 360-degree rotatable platform.

The plus model also has an auto-pause function when the top cover is lifted.

5. Adhesives

Adhesives are another vital accessory for 3D printers and can be used in many ways. Mainly, they provide improved bed adhesion for three-dimensional prints. At the same time, they can bond different components together.

Some printer units come with a BuildTak sticking surface. This is where the adhesive can be applied and provide bed adhesion. Glue sticks and polyimide tapes make good complimentary 3D printer accessories.

Meanwhile, permanent adhesives such as superglue can bond different 3D-printed parts together. High-temperature polyimide adhesive tape is great for doing big projects; check it out below.

Polyimide Tape

High Temperature Polyimide Tape Precision Thermal Insulation

Embrace cutting-edge efficiency with our High Temperature Polyimide Tape Precision Thermal Insulation. Perfect for professionals in demanding industries, this tape provides unparalleled precision and durability under extreme conditions.

Widths Available: 3mm, 5mm, 10mm, 15mm, 25mm

3D Printer Polyimide Tape High Temp Thermal Insulation

Experience the ultimate solution in 3D printing with our 3D Printer Polyimide Tape High Temp Thermal Insulation. Specially designed to combat the challenges of high-temperature 3D printing, this tape is your key to flawless, warp-free prints.

Widths Available: 35mm, 50mm, 100mm

6. Nozzle Set

Nozzles come in different shapes and sizes for different functions. Owning a set means you can print any model you wish in three-dimensions.

For a larger project, use a larger nozzle. Use a smaller one to achieve fine details or a more intricate print. If the filament is composite material-made (e.g. carbon or glass fibre), use the hardened nozzle. You also do not have to worry if the current gets clogged because you have a spare!

And to keep these nozzles maintained and ensure a quality output, you may as well invest in a cleaning kit. Cleaning tools come in a few variations and can help remove debris from the nozzle.

The most popular item for the job is a needle, which is thin enough to fit inside the nozzle hole. While the nozzle is heated, the needle can push away or pierce through any debris inside.

7. Soldering Iron

A soldering iron is a great multi-functional tool to have. It is so versatile that even in 3D printing projects, it can be handy. The heat it produces is ideal for ironing a surface on a model to give it a smooth finish.

You may also use it to solder bond wires together for prints that use electronic components. Or for bonding and soothing, such as those printed in PLA or PETG filaments.

Here is your introductory guide to ‘what is soldering’ and how to use it. One of the soldering irons that would fit a 3D printing purpose is the:


3-in-1 Soldering Iron and Heat Blower

3-in-1 Soldering Iron and Heat Blower

Product code: JTH1604

It features adjustment for temperature control, Piezo ignition, and a child-resistant latch. A useful device with a flame or flameless heat blower and soldering iron function.

Ideal for general heating, drying, melting, soldering, heat shrinking, and other similar tasks. The tip has a durable cap when not in use. Note: Butane gas is required.

8. Filaments

The filament is the food of 3D printers, and if you are into 3D printing, you may run out of it a lot, and thus you need extras. Filaments come in different materials, colours, diameters, finishes, tolerances, and brands.

Usually, they are single-coloured, so having a variety of shades and materials is great. Most people use PLA filament for its ease of use. But you should widen your collection if you want different colours or materials.

You may as well consider getting storage for them. It is crucial that filaments are stored in moisture-free environments. A filament box will do, keeping them dry and dust-free and dispensing them.

Get all the 3D Printing Filament you need for your next project. Available in high-quality PLA+, TPU, PETG, and more!

The Bottom Line

3D printer accessories are investments that can make the printing process more convenient. Such extra tools can also increase the chances of creating a flawless model output.

There are many more options out there, but what is on the list are the must-haves! So, which of these 3D printer accessories do you already use – or are thinking of getting soon?

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