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3D Printer Polyimide Tape High Temp Thermal Insulation

Polimide Tape Wiltronics 3d Pinting

$16.00 - $47.50


3D Printer Polyimide Tape High Temp Thermal Insulation

Experience the ultimate solution in 3D printing with our 3D Printer Polyimide Tape High Temp Thermal Insulation. Specially designed to combat the challenges of high-temperature 3D printing, this tape is your key to flawless, warp-free prints.


  • Unmatched Heat Resistance for 3D Printing: Our polyimide tape excels in extreme temperatures, ranging from 250-300°C, making it perfect for use with high-temperature 3D printer beds.
  • Advanced Bed Adhesion for Quality 3D Prints: Tackle issues like warping and lifting effortlessly, ensuring your 3D prints remain secure and precise.
  • Smooth Surface Finish for Professional 3D Printing: Obtain professional-grade, smooth bottom layers on every print, enhancing the quality of your 3D models.
  • Durable and Reliable for Consistent 3D Printing: Built to last, this tape can endure multiple print cycles, retaining its adhesive strength and quality.
  • Easy Removal of 3D Prints with Minimal Risk: Enjoy a seamless post-printing experience, with easy and clean removal of your 3D creations.

Product Sizes Tailored for 3D Printers

  • PK7035: 35mm High Temp Resistant Polyimide Tape for Smaller 3D Print Beds
  • PK7050: 50mm Thermal Insulation Polyimide Tape for Standard 3D Printers
  • PK70100: 100mm Wide Polyimide Tape for Large-Scale 3D Printing Projects

In-Depth Product Specifications

  • Material Composition: A blend of high-grade polyimide film and silicone-based adhesive, tailored for 3D printing applications.
  • Optimal Temperature Handling: Specially formulated to withstand 250-300°C, ideal for heated 3D printer beds.
  • Variety in Tape Width: Available in 35mm, 50mm, and 100mm, catering to diverse 3D printing needs.
  • Generous Roll Length: Each roll extends to 33 meters, offering ample coverage for multiple projects.
  • Precision Thickness: Total tape thickness at 0.18mm, with an adhesive layer of 0.055mm for perfect bed adhesion.

Note: Explore our extensive range of polyimide tapes in various widths for different applications. Discover more here.

Broad Range of Applications

Our 3D Printer Polyimide Tape isn't just for 3D printing; it's a versatile solution across numerous industries:

  • Electronics and PCBs: Protects gold fingers during soldering and insulates components like microprocessors.
  • Aerospace and Aviation: Ideal for component masking and insulation in extreme temperatures.
  • Automotive: Safeguards wire harnesses and engine components in high-heat areas.
  • Laboratories: Ensures sample security in high-temperature experiments and resists a wide range of chemicals.
  • Solar Panels: Protects wiring against intense heat and UV radiation.
  • Medical Devices: Provides reliable insulation in high-temperature medical equipment.
  • Transformers and Coils: Offers high-temperature insulation for safety and efficiency.
  • Powder Coating: Serves as an excellent high-temperature masking material.
  • Flexible Printed Circuits (FPCs): Aids in manufacturing and repair with superior heat resistance.
  • Sealing and Gasketing: Replaces traditional materials as a high-temp gasket.
  • General Maintenance and Repairs: Perfect for industrial applications involving high temperatures.

This tape’s versatility makes it an essential item not only for 3D printing enthusiasts but also for professionals in various high-tech industries, proving its utility in multiple high-temperature scenarios.

Expert FAQs for 3D Printing Professionals:

Q: Why is Polyimide Tape essential for high-temperature 3D printing?

A: It provides a stable and heat-resistant surface, crucial for quality prints with materials like ABS and PETG.

Q: Compatibility with Different 3D Printers?

A: Our tape is universally compatible, enhancing the performance of a wide range of 3D printers with heated beds.

Q: Best Practices for Applying Polyimide Tape?

A: Achieve perfect bed coverage by following our step-by-step guide, ensuring a bubble-free and even application.

Q: Tape Longevity and Replacement Indicators?

A: Our durable tape stands the test of time, with replacement recommended upon visible wear or reduced effectiveness.

Q: Impact of Tape on Print Bed Heating Efficiency?

A: Designed to conduct heat effectively, our tape ensures uniform bed temperatures without impacting heating efficiency.

Q: Residue-Free Removal Guarantee?

A: Yes, our tape leaves no residue, maintaining a clean bed surface after each print.

Q: Is this Tape Suitable for All Filament Types?

A: Absolutely, it provides an ideal surface for various filaments, contributing to enhanced overall print quality.

Q: Role of Polyimide Tape in Elevating Print Quality?

A: By stabilizing bed temperature and providing a smooth surface, it plays a critical role in achieving high-quality 3D prints.

ElectroTech Brands Pty Ltd., trading as STEM Warehouse, specializes in high-grade 3D printing accessories like our Polyimide Tape, ensuring exceptional printing results every time.


  • High-Temperature Resilience: Withstands temperatures ranging from 250-300°C, ideal for demanding 3D printing environments.
  • Superior Adhesion: Ensures strong bed adhesion, reducing warping and lifting of prints.
  • Smooth Surface Finish: Provides a professional-grade surface, enhancing the quality of the bottom layers of 3D prints.
  • Durable and Reliable: Engineered to endure multiple print cycles, maintaining its quality and adhesive strength.
  • Easy Removal: Designed for hassle-free print removal, minimizing the risk of damage to the print bed.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable not only for 3D printing but also in electronics, aerospace, automotive, laboratories, and more.
  • Electrical Insulation: Ideal for insulating wires and cables in high-temperature environments.
  • UV and Chemical Resistant: Offers protection in environments exposed to UV light and various chemicals.
  • Medical and Aerospace Grade: Reliable for use in critical applications within medical and aerospace industries.
  • Flexible and Easy to Apply: Conforms to various shapes and surfaces, making it easy to apply to different components.
  • Environmentally Safe: Composed of materials safe for a wide range of environments and applications.





Polyimide Film

Roll Length

33 m

Operating Temperature


Full Range

Tape Width Product Code
35mm PK7035
50mm PK7050
100mm PK70100

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