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PASCO PASPort Charge Sensor (PS-2132)

PASPort Charge Sensor. PASCO PS-2132


1 $255.20


Measuring electrostatic charges is now simple and quantitative with PASCO's Charge Sensor. Think of it as a highly sensitive electroscope that isn't affected by humidity and indicates whether a charge is positive or negative. Great for other high-resistance voltage measurements too. Automatic scaling eliminates the need for a gain switch. Highly efficient input overvoltage protection makes it virtually blow-out proof, providing many years of student use.

NOTE: The PASCO PASPort sensors require one of the PASPort interfaces in order to use them.


  • No guessing if a charge is positive or negative - the polarity is shown
  • Measures both charge and voltage
  • Includes a 0.9m shielded cable with alligator clips - eliminate stray fields for quick experiment setup
  • Measure charge by induction
  • Quantify the charge on a capacitor
  • Discover the charge distribution on a conducting sphere


Voltage Range

±10 V with 500 μV resolution

Charge Range

±0.1µC with 5.0 pC resolution

Input Resistance

1012 Ω (1000 GΩ)

Input Capacitance

0.01 μF ±5%

Input Cable

Shielded, 0.9m, alligator clip termination

Maximum Input Voltage

±150 V DC, continuous


1 X PASCO PASport Charge Sensor

1 X 0.9m Shielded Cable with Alligator Clips


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PASCO PASPort Charge Sensor (PS-2132)



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