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PASCO 850 Universal Interface (UI-5000)

Pasco 850 Universal Interface UI-5000


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The 850 Universal Interface is PASCO's most flexible interface, utilising the powerful PASCO Capstone software.

The 850 interface boasts four digital inputs, four analogue ports, four PASPORT sensor ports, a 15 W function generator, dual high speed function generators and much more. For a limited time, it also includes a PASPORT High Current Sensor.

The Four Digital Inputs allow direct use of photogates and other digital sensors (such as Time-of-Flight), with no adapter needed! The four analogue inputs are compatible with PASCO's entire line of analogue CI sensors. The user can plug voltage sensors into them and measure voltages to ±20 V at sample rates of up to 10 MHz on 1 or 2 channels or 1 MHz on four channels.

The four PASPORT sensor ports accept any of the more than 70 available PASPORT sensors, and Science Workshop and PASPORT sensors can be used together meaning that there are over 120 sensors to choose from to meet any application.

The outputs on the 850 include a 15 Watt Function generator which supplies up to ±15 V @ 1 A, DC and AC. The 850 directly measures the output voltage and current and records them as data.

Waveforms include sine, triangle, square and ramp (all with DC offset), with a frequency range of 0.001 Hz to 100 kHz. The two additional Function Generators supply low power at higher frequencies (up to 500 kHz), with independent control of frequency, waveform, amplitude and phase shift.

It's "Universal" because the 850 Universal Interface:

· Works with both blue PASPORT and black Science Workshop sensors
· Can be used simultaneously with other PASPORT interfaces
· Is controlled with PASCO's new Capstone Software which also controls all other PASCO USB interfaces
· Is a 100 kHz signal generator, 15 W power amplifier, and 10 MHz sample rate oscilloscope all in one device

Powered by PASCO Capstone software

The 850 Universal Interface is designed for (and requires) PASCO Capstone software. Together they form the most powerful data acquisition, display and analysis system available for science education.

PASCO Capstone easily creates and formats workbook pages and can undo or redo every action. It features simple to use tables, video capture and sync, a calibration wizard, and the ability to open legacy DataStudio files - plus much more.

All of which makes this software powerful as well as flexible. Whether you want your students to explore and create lab write-ups on their own or you want to tailor a lab write-up with very specific instructions, PASCO Capstone has the power and flexibility to meet the needs of your lab.

Capstone is available as either a single-user license or the excellent value site license.

Not for use with CI-6552A Power Amplifier


  • Four Photogate Ports - directly connect photogates, Time-of-Flight and more
  • Four Analog Ports - For use with all analog ScienceWorkshop sensors such as Voltage, Force and Sound
  • Four PASPORT Ports - compatible with the complete line of more than 70 PASPORT sensors
  • 15 Watt Function Generator with Power Amplifier
  • Dual Independent High Frequency Function Generators
  • High Speed Sampling - up to 10 MHz on two channels or 1 MHz on four channels.
  • USB 2.0 computer connection
  • External Trigger Input/Output for synchronizing multiple 850s and more
  • 44-Pin Expansion port for full expandability in the future
  • Analog inputs protected up to ±300 volts. Outputs and power supplies are short circuit proof.
  • Protected by PASCO’s five year warranty


Four Analogue Ports

For use with ScienceWorkshop sensors Input Impedance: 1M Ohm Input Protection:  ±250V continuous Selectable Voltage Gain (X1, X10, X100, X1000) Not for use with CI-6552A Power Amplifier

High Speed Sampling

Measure voltages on two channels with sample rates of up to 10 MHz simultaneously on three or four channels at up to 1 MHz simultaneously

15 W Function Generator

Waveforms: Sine, triangle, variable duty-cycle square wave, positive and negative ramps, DC Frequency Range: 0.001Hz to 100 kHz ; 1mHz resolution Amplitude Range :±15V Resolution: 7.3mV,12 bit DAC Max Output Current: 1A at 15V, over current detection Selectable Short-Circuit Current Limit: 1.5 A, 1.1A, 0.55A Selectable Voltage Limit Selectable DC Offset Frequency Sweep Function Measure Output Current: 61uA at 10V

Dual Independent High Frequency Function Generators

Independent control of frequency, waveform and amplitude Waveforms: Sine, triangle, variable duty-cycle square wave, positive and negative ramps, DC Frequency Range: 0.001 Hz to 500kHz; 1mHz resolution Amplitude range: ±10V Resolution: 2.5mV, 12-bit DAC Max Output Current: 50mA at 10V

4 Photogate Ports

Digital sensors such as Photogates and Time-Of-Flight plug directly into the 850 without needing adaptors. Compatible with all ScienceWorkshop digital sensors Sensor Connection Detection

4 PASPORT Sensor Ports

Compatible with Pasco’s complete line of more than 70 PASPORT sensors Sample rates depend on sensors Sample rate of the ports can be greater than 1000Hz

850 Power Adaptor

20 VDC, 6A

Computer connection

USB 2.0 (4890 Mbps)

External Module 44-pin Connector

For connection Accessories (Available in the future) to control and monitor a variety of new devices such as stepper motors and circuit boards. Access to the 3 signal generators 8 Additional Digital I/O Pins 3 Additional Analogue Differential Inputs (±10V) High Speed PASPORT Channel for Self-Identification of Plug-In Modules Power sources: +5V a 500 mA, ±12 V at ±300mA


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PASCO 850 Universal Interface (UI-5000)



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