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PASCO PASPort Magnetic Field Sensor (PS-2112)

PASPort Magnetic Field Sensor. PASCO PS-2112.

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The PASCO PASPort Magnetic Field Sensor PS-2112 provides magnetic field measurement in a compact package. It measures magnetic field flux density in gauss or millitesla. The sensitivity across a single range is from -1000 to +1000 gauss. The sensor at the tip of the probe measures magnetic field strength along the axis of the probe. Just place the tip of the probe at the desired location and orientation and students immediately get an accurate measurement of magnetic field strength.

NOTE: The PASCO PASPort sensors require one of the PASPort interfaces in order to use them.


  • Measures magnetic field along axis of probe
  • Moulded plastic protects the sensing element for enhanced durability
  • Displays in gauss and millitesla
  • Typical applications include studyng the field strength of bar magnets and electromagnets, examining the field strength of a solenoid, and measuring the field strength of a Helmholtz coil



±1000 gauss


±3 gauss or 5% or reading (whichever is greater) @ 25 °C (after 4 minute warm-up)


<0.1 gauss (0.01% full-scale)

Units of measure

Tesla, millitesla, gauss

Maximum Sample Rate


Default Sample Rate


Operating Temperature


Relative humidity

5–95%, non-condensing




1 X PASPort Magnetic Field Sensor

1 X Sensor Handle


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PASCO PASPort Magnetic Field Sensor (PS-2112)



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