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PASCO PASPort Voltage-Current Sensor (PS-2115)

PASPort Voltage-Current Sensor PASCO PS-2115


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This PASPORT Voltage-Current Sensor from PASCO measures voltage, current and power simultaneously, either on a digital display or graphed over time. Overload protection shuts down the sensor (and gives an audible beep to alert the teacher) when the current is too high. Sensor automatically resets after the overload is removed. No smoke, no blown fuses to replace.

NOTE: The PASCO PASPort sensors require one of the PASPort interfaces in order to use them.


  • Overload Protection
  • Differential Input
  • Study the relationship of voltage and current in series-parallel circuits (Ohm’s Law)
  • No grounding problems – differential input lets your students measure voltage or current anywhere in the circuit, no need to worry about which point is or is not at ground
  • Full ±10V and ±1A range. Works with a wide variety of configurations of battery electronics and circuits.
  • Measure capacitor charge/discharge
  • Measure power used by an electrical device (P= VI)


Voltage Range

±10V ±50mV at 10V accuracy

Voltage Resolution


Current Range

±1A ±5mA at 1A accuracy

Current Resolution

500 μA

Maximum Sample Rate

1 kHz

Maximum Voltage

10V maximum common mode voltage

Maximum Input

Current: 1.1A Voltage: 30V


Length of Voltage Leads



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PASCO PASPort Voltage-Current Sensor (PS-2115)



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