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PASCO PASPort Sound Level Sensor (PS-2109)

PS-2109 PASCO PASPort Sound Level Sensor

PASCO Products from this website are only available for sale in Australia.

If you are an Australian customer and would like pricing information, please contact us at or call (03) 5334 2513


The Sound Level Sensor is designed to measure and investigate sound levels and sound intensity outside the classroom environment. It allows users to easily measure sound in decibels (dB) in a variety of settings. Just simply connect and collect- this sensor can be utilized by nonspecialists in sound-level weighting, response times, or decibel scale

This sensor features three range switches to match the intensity range of the measured phenomena. It measures the sound level in both the dBA and dBC scales. The dBC scale includes all frequencies incident on this sensor.  The dBA scale filters out some frequencies, it's A-weighted meaning it responds to sound loudness the same way the human ear does.

PASCO's Sound Level Sensor gives you true sound level measurements with both dBA and dBC scales. Use in the classroom as a computer-based sensor or with an Xplorer as a portable sound level meter away from the classroom. Three switch-selectable ranges (from 30 dB to 110 dB) allow for greater functionality and flexibility.

NOTE: PASCO sensors require one of the PASPort interfaces in order to use them.


  • Measures both sound level and sound intensity
  • Displays both dBA (matches the sensitivity of the ear) and dBC (responds equally to all frequencies)
  • Explore sound levels outside the classroom
  • Discover the logarithmic relationship between sound level and sound intensity


Sound Level Range

Voice: 30 – 70 dBA/dBC; Horn: 50 – 90 dBA/dBC; Plane: 70 – 110 dBA/dBC

Sound Intensity Range

Voice: 10-³ μW/m² – 10 μW/m²; Horn: 1 μW/m² – 1000 μW/m²; Plane: 10 μW/m² – 10,000 μW/m²


± 2 dB at 94 dB (or dBC) at 1000 Hz


0.1 dB


0.1 dB

Max. Sample Rate

20 Hz


1 x PASPort Sound Level Sensor

1 x Sensor Mounting Stud


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PASCO PASPort Sound Level Sensor (PS-2109)



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