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Micro:Bit Robotics

Micro:Bit Robotics

Get building, learning, and having fun with these Micro:Bit Robotics products!

Wiltronics stocks a range of Micro:Bit Robotics products from Kitronik. This includes the Kitronik :MOVE Mini MK2 Buggy Kit and Kitronik :MOVE Motor. Plus, a bunch of products perfect to go with them like the :MOVE Mat and :MOVE Motor Klaw Kit.

Interested in line following buggies? Check out the Kitronik Clippable Detector Board or the Kitronik Line Following Add-on for :MOVE Mini V2. Fantastic items for projects like the STOP:bit (Traffic Light), LAMP:bit (Street Light), and ACCESS:bit (Access Barrier) are also available.

Learn with the Tobbie the Robot 2 Construction Kit. The ultimate robot companion that is also compatible with the BBC Micro:Bit.


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