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Kitronik ACCESS:bit for BBC Micro:bit - No Micro:Bit

Kitronik ACCESS:bit for BBC Micro:bit

$21.34 - $50.34

Kitronik ACCESS:bit for BBC Micro:bit - No Micro:Bit
1 $21.34
10 $20.27
25 $19.20


The Kitronik ACCESS:bit is a bolt-on/clip-on board for the BBC microbit that simulates an access barrier. It features an on/off switch, an integrated battery cage, and a buzzer for sound. It joins the family of transportation/pedestrian crossing micro:bit accessories, which also includes; the STOP:bit and LAMP:bit.

It comes with a single servo, a barrier, and all necessary fixings. Once connected to the ACCESS:bit, the microbit's LED matrix is fully visible and can be used to display warning signals, stop/go symbols, or as a light sensor for autonomous actions.

The ACCESS:bit can connect to the micro:bit using either the supplied M3 countersunk screws or crocodile clips. Please refer to the Datasheet for pinout information.


  • A BBC micro:bit (available as an optional extra)
  • 3 x AAA Batteries
  • A Screwdriver


  • The ACCESS:bit is an accessory for the BBC micro:bit that simulates an access barrier.
  • It features an on/off switch, an integrated battery cage, and buzzer for sound.
  • The micro:bit can bolt-on/clip-on to the board.
  • It follows the same aesthetic as the STOP:bit and LAMP:bit
  • It can be used in conjunction with the STOP:bit and LAMP:bit for larger projects.


1 x ACCESS:bit with integrated battery cage

5 x M3 Countersunk screws and M3 nuts

1 x 180-degree servo

A single access barrier




Max Width (with barrier fully extended)


Max Depth (with servo affixed)


PCB Thickness


Full Range

Add Micro:Bit? Product Code
No Micro:Bit KT5646
With Micro:Bit (board only) KT5646 + MB-0040


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