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Micro:Bit Go V2

The BBC MicroBit is a pocket-sized computer, developed by the BBC!

It is a small, low-cost device packed with an impressive array of features. It features a 5×5 LED matrix display, two programmable buttons, an accelerometer, a compass, a Bluetooth module, and a micro USB port for power and connectivity. The device can be programmed using a range of programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and Microsoft Block Editor, making it easy for students of all ages to learn to code.

Find a big range of teaching and learning resources on the Micro:Bit website:

We stock the updated Micro:Bit V2 which includes an in-built microphone and speaker, as well as increased RAM and Flash memory.

Get the Micro:Bit and all the accessories you need from Wiltronics!

Click here for the History of BBC Microbit

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