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Micro:Bit LEDs and LCD Displays

Micro:Bit LEDs and LCD Displays

Show off your creations with the Wiltronics range of Micro:Bit LEDs and LCD Displays.

Need an LCD display? Check out the Kitronik :VIEW text32 LCD Screen, which features an edge connector the BBC Micro:Bit easily slots into. Or are you working on an E-Textile project and need some LEDs? We supply Electro-Fashion Sewable LEDs in seven different colours.

Make a stunning display with the Kitronik ZIP Tile or one of the Kitronik ZIP Halos. The standard ZIP Halo features 24 LEDs, while the ZIP Tile and ZIP Halo HD each have 64 LEDs. These LEDs are all full colour and individually addressable.

Expand your knowledge alongside the Kitronik Inventors Kit with the ZIP LEDs Add-On Pack.


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