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Micro:Bit Gaming

Kitronik :GAME ZIP 64 for the BBC Micro:bit

These Micro:Bit Gaming products are perfect for retro gaming on the BBC Micro:Bit.

Use the Kitronik :GAME Controller for Micro:bit to control games running on the Micro:Bit. Write these games yourself or use existing code created by others. You can also use it to control robots or buggies.

Level up your gaming with the Kitronik :GAME ZIP 64. The :GAME Zip 64 features 64 RGB individually addressable LEDs in a 8 × 8 grid. You can also get the Kitronik :GAME ZIP 64 Laser Cut Cover – Clear, to protect your :GAME ZIP 64.

The BBC Micro:Bit easily slots into the edge connector on both the :GAME Controller and :GAME ZIP 64.

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