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Kitronik Line Following Add-on for :MOVE Mini V2

Kitronik Line Following Add-on for :MOVE Mini V2


1 $23.95
10 $22.75
25 $21.56


An easy to assemble kit Kitronik Line Following Add-on for :MOVE Mini MK2. This Line Following Add-on will allow you to serve even more projects with your robot. Designed to fit both the new :MOVE mini MK2 and the original version.

This add-on includes all of the components needed to add line following functionality to the:MOVE mini and it does not require any soldering. Once assembled, you can individually adjust the left and right sensors' sensitivity to ensure smooth operation.

There is no soldering required but the kit does require some mechanical assembly.

See the resource section below to download the line following the code example. By default, the code will cause the buggy to follow a dark line on a light background but the code can be altered to do the opposite.


  • :MOVE mini buggy kit
  • BBC micro:bit
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Small flat-bladed screwdriver
  • Small Phillips screwdriver


  • Add line following functionality to the :MOVE mini for the BBC micro:bit.
  • Can either follow a dark line on a light background or a light line on a dark background.
  • The line following sensitivity can be adjusted with a screwdriver.
  • No Soldering is required.
  • Example line following code is provided.
  • This product is backward compatible with the first version of :MOVE mini. There are two sets of assembly instructions in the resources section below.


1 x :MOVE Sensor Interface for the BBC micro:bit

1 x :MOVE Line Following board for the BBC micro:bit

1 x Connector Cable

2 x CS M3 8mm Screws

2 x M3 Hex Full Width Nut

5 x CS M3 12mm Screws

2 x 6mm Spacers

2 x 12mm CS Screws


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Kitronik Line Following Add-on for :MOVE Mini V2



1 $23.95
10 $22.75
25 $21.56

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