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Wall Mount PIR Sensor Motion Activated Switch

Wall Mount PIR Sensor Motion Activated Switch


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The ENSA-PS1 is a Wall Mount PIR Sensor Motion Activated Switch meticulously designed for wall mounting. It features configurable ambient light sensing, passive infrared motion detection, and an on-time delay feature, allowing you to customize light usage and energy consumption to meet your specific requirements.

Add 3-step energy savings to any light with sensor switches:

  1. Daylight sensor: Activates motion sensor when lux levels fall below the limit
  2. Motion sensor: Detects movement and turns light on only when necessary
  3. On-timer: Light-on duration is set only as long as is required

3 year warranty


  • Automatically activate and deactivate lighting for energy efficiency
  • Adjustable sensors: Daylight (3~2000lx) / Motion (12m) / On-timer (10s~7min)
  • 180° arc / 12m radius passive infrared detection
  • Wall mount angle adjustable, IP65 rated for outdoor use


Daylight Sensing

3 ~ 2000 Lux

Daylight Sensor



80 x 120 x 50mm

Ingress Protection


Input Voltage

220 ~ 240VAC 50Hz

Max. Rated Load (Resistive/Inductive)

1200W / 300W

Motion Detection Area

180° arc (12m radius)

Motion Detection Speed

0.6 ~ 1.5m/s

Motion Sensor Type

Passive Infrared

Mounting Type


On-timer Delay

10s ~ 7min

Operating Environment

-20 ~ 40°C / <93% Relative humidity

Power Consumption (Sensing Mode)


Recommended Installation Height

1.8 ~ 2.5m


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Wall Mount PIR Sensor Motion Activated Switch



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