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Light Control Sensor

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The ENSA-LC1W Light Control Sensor is designed to regulate lights during dusk and dawn, offering ideal control for any light and maximizing efficiency when paired with ENSA LED lights. Enhancing power savings ensures energy-efficient lighting activates only when necessary.

Upon installation, the daylight sensor, with adjustable sensitivity, monitors ambient light levels. When light levels dip below the preset threshold, the sensor triggers, turning on the connected light. Compact and corded, the daylight sensor facilitates straightforward outdoor installation.


  • Boost your efficiency by maximising use of natural light
  • Set target light levels to automate light dimming
  • Adjustable daylight sensor (5~50lx)
  • IP65 weather-resistance rated for outdoor installation
  • 3 year warranty



Ø82 x 108mm

Dimming Range

5 ~ 50 Lux

Ingress Protection


Input Voltage

220 ~ 240VAC 50Hz

Operating Environment

-20 ~ 40°C / <93% Relative humidity

Rated Current


Recommended Install

Above the light

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Light Control Sensor



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