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VGU Dual Log A Potentiometer

VGU Dual Log A Potentiometer 24mm Diameter jpg



VGU Dual Log A Potentiometer 24mm diameter types. These potentiometers have imperial standard shafts & bushings made on exact engineering specifications. They have genuine 6.35mm (1/4) shafts, 38mm in length.

This product is capable of PCB mounting and attaches firmly when mounted to a PCB. It features rigidly mounted pins on the pheonic and also a center pin offset from the two outer terminals.

Since double gang pots hold in 6 locations they do not require any additional mechanical mounting assistance.


Potentiometer Diameter


Log or Linear?


Potentiometer Knob Type

Imperial D

Potentiometer Terminal Type

Solder Legs

Potentiometer Shaft Length


Potentiometer Nut Size

24mm(3/8inch 32THD)

Passive Component

Pack Quantity


Passive Mount Type

Panel, Through Hole

Passive Connector Type

Solder Legs

Component Package

Metal Can

Passive Number of Legs

3 count

Passive Marking Code

Number code

Power Rating

Continuous Power


AC Voltage Rating


Full Range

Ohms Product Code
10K PT2350
50K PT2360
100K PT2365
1M PT2380A

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