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TL1 Horizontal Mount Trimpot

Photo of a TL1 horizontal mount trimpot.



Horizontal Mount Trimpot. Single turn presettable variable trimmer resistors.

TL1 Series sub-miniature 6.4mm enclosed horizontal adjust trimpots 3 pins on 2.54mm (0.1′) grid.


  • Subminiature 6.4mm Ø
  • Designed to fit standard .1″ grid
  • Suits auto insertion & adjustment
  • Adjusted on both sides to save space
  • Resin mold increases reliability in resistance to flux, soldering heat, and terminal strength


Maximum Working Voltage

100V DC

Resistance Law


Resistance Tolerance


Wattage Rating

0.2Watt at 70°C

Working Temperature Range

-25°C ~ +100°C

Temperature Coefficient

±250 PPM/°C

Rotation Angle

240° ± 10%

Rotation Torque

30 ~ 300g/c

Residual Resistance

<1K = 10 max


Dimension illustration of a horizontal trimpot.

Image for sizing illustration only, may not be representative of the product.

Full Range

Ohms Product Code
100R PT8120
200R PT8125
500R PT8130
1K PT8135
2K PT8140
5K PT8145
10K PT8150
20K PT8155
50K PT8160
100K PT8165
200K PT8170
500K PT8175
1M PT8180

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