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Plastic Beaker - Polypropylene, Low Form with Graduations

Polypropylene Beaker Range - Filled with colour liquid, highlighted graduations

$1.94 - $20.00



Low form plastic beaker with moulded* graduations for science lab experiments and chemistry. Made from high quality polypropylene. Perfect for education, these beakers are fully autoclavable.

Note: The graduations on the images have been darkened for demonstration purposes. The products feature moulded* graduations and the products are slightly opaque.

*Not including 2000ml Abdos Polypropylene Beaker (LP1101AB-2LTR) which is a different style and features printed graduations.

BULK STOCK CLEARANCE! Heavily reduced prices on purchases of 50 or more 50ml OR 50 or more 100ml polypropylene beakers.

Full Range

Size Product Code
50ml LP1101PP-50
100ml LP1101PP-100
250ml LP1101PP-250
500ml LP1101PP-500
1000ml LP1101PP-1LTR
2000ml LP1101AB-2LT
2 x 5 Size Set LP1101PP-SET

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