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Adventures in Arduino

Adventures in Arduino (Stewart)


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Adventures in Arduino is a guide to Arduino programming for beginners. This book is perfect for 11-to-15 year olds who ar elooking to learn all about programming and Arduino. What's more, set out in a easy progressive style, 'Adventures with Arduino will guide you through step by step 9 awesome projects. In addition, each project gets more advanced meaning you can start at the most basic projects and work up to more cool and complex one's.

Arduino is a readily available, cheap and easy to use coding hardware that is open source. Featuring a number of sensors and servos, Arduino is the perfect platform for both beginners and experts.  This book is perfect for anyone wanting to get started coding, but doesn't know where to start.


  • Discover how and where to begin Arduino programming
  • Develop the skills and confidence to tackle other projects
  • Make the most of Arduino with basic programming concepts
  • Work with hardware and software to create interactive electronic devices





May 2015




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Adventures in Arduino



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