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Robot Kits

Line Tracker/Bump Buggy Kit using PICAXE 14M2

PICAXE Robot Kits are popular among hobbyists for electronic projects and robots.

Our selection includes the Picaxe Microbot Robotic Kit, which is an easy-to-assemble kit. It has a unique design that eliminates the need for wire soldering to construct and/or reconfigure a versatile robot.

The Picaxe Microbot Servo Pack also comes with a miniature 9g servo, two servo connector PCBs, and an SRF005 ultrasonic sensor mounting PCB.

Also available is the Tekky Bump Detection Buggy Kit. It includes two PCBs: a Project Board PC9138 with a PICAXE 14M2 microprocessor and an L293D dual motor driver chip.

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