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Relay Output Module Arduino Compatible

Arduino Compatible ARD2 Relay Output Module


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This relay module is useful wherever it is necessary to control a high power or high voltage circuit with a low power circuit. It can be used to control appliances and has applications in home automation and security.

WARNING: Mishandling or incorrect or improper use of relays could result in serious
personal injury or DEATH, possible physical damage of the product, faulty operation or
create serious/dangerous hazards.

Please make sure that you read and understand how your relay/relay module board works, the voltage and current it is rated for, and the risks involved in your project BEFORE you even attempt to start putting it together. Seek professional and qualified assistance BEFORE you undertake ANY high power projects. Do your research and seek advice BEFORE undertaking a project using a relay. Please check your connections and test them BEFORE turning the power on.

Wiltronics accepts no responsibility for your project, or the risk/damage/fire/shock/injury/death/loss that it causes.

Please note: It is illegal in some countries to wire up a high power project without an electrician. Please check your country's rules/laws/regulations before you undertake your project. If you have any doubts - don't do it.

Test Code

//KY019 5V relay module
int relay = 10; // relay turns trigger signal - active high;

void setup() {
pinMode(relay, OUTPUT); // Define port attribute is output;

void loop() {
digitalWrite(relay, HIGH); // relay conduction;
digitalWrite(relay, LOW); // relay switch is turned off;


  • Can be used to automatically control appliances
  • Applications include home automation & security


Contact Rating

10A @ 240VAC, 10A @ 30VDC

Relay Type


Operating Voltage


High impedance





Length (mm)


Width (mm)


Height (mm)



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Relay Output Module Arduino Compatible



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