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PicPCB Scope Oscilloscope

PicPCB Scope Oscilloscope


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This PCB Based Oscilloscope is designed to be affordable but still be able to do the job. The small PCB-Scope can be mounted on a bread board and wired up to any circuit for quick and easy analysis of the circuit.

The board comes with feely available software which will provide accurate up to date information via a micro USB cable (Not supplied).

The software brings a number of features to the computer which some more expensive Oscilloscopes may not necessarily have. These include but are not limited to the ability to have preset scope set ups, the ability to export your wave to another program, and the ability to take real time readings from different sections of the wave.


  • Windows Software available free of charge
  • Works with bread board or as a completed circuit
  • Oscilloscope, logic analyser and data logger in one instrument
  • Two analogue input channels
  • Four digital input channels
  • Triggering on channel 1
  • Spectrum analyser functionality
  • Fast and smooth acquisition screen updates in real time(20fps)
  • Wide input range millivolts < 20V
  • Use micro USB connector to communicate with the computer
  • Dual connectors provided to connect to breadboard or circuit board.
  • Fully automated level and RMS Time measurements
  • Waveform cursers to view the value of the wave at a specific point
  • Save and restore your scope setups
  • Export your waveforms


No. of Analogue Channels


No. of Digital Channels


Analogue Bandwidth

> 300 kHz

Vertical Sensitivity

50mV/div to 2V/div

Logic Threshold


Vertical Resolution

8 bits (scope mode) 10 bits (data logger mode)

Offset Adjustment


Max Sample Rate



up to 25 kHz

Max Trigger Rate

Scope ~60 kHz

Logic Analyser


Max Screen Refresh Rate



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PicPCB Scope Oscilloscope



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