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Stepper Motor Mount with Hardware NEMA - 17

Stepper Motor Mount with Hardware NEMA - 17


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Made from durable steel, this stepper motor mount is compatible with all NEMA-17 motors. With its sturdy folded steel construction and two welded triangle supports, it offers robust support suitable for various applications.

It features 31mm hole spacing on the front, and 2x30mm long slots on the bottom for mounting.

The pack comes with a range of screws and washers for installing the motor and the mount.


  • Strong steel design
  • Range of screws and washers


4 x 34mm long M4 Pan head

4 x M4 washer + lock(spring) washer + hexnut

4 x 9mm long M4 Pan head

4 x 8mm long M3 Pan head

4 x M3 washer and lock (spring) washer


Motor Mount Thickness

~3 ± 0.1 mm

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Stepper Motor Mount with Hardware NEMA - 17



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