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Reduction Geared Stepper Motor 12 VDC 48-step 1:16

Reduction Geared Stepper Motor 12 VDC 48-step 1:16


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This Reduction Geared Stepper Motor operates at 12VDC and features 48 steps with a gear reduction ratio of 1:16.

It is a perfect first stepper motor, good for small projects and general experimentation. The motor features a built-in mounting plate to assist in mounting it to a surface. Also large steps of 7.5 degrees, and a flattened shaft to make attaching wheels or other objects to the motor easier.

Note: Due to the gearing inside the motor, single or double-stepping will needed for the motor to turn properly.


  • Top speed of 80 RPM
  • 2 inbuilt mounting holes
  • Flattened shaft
  • Comes pre wired
  • 7.5 degree steps (48 steps for full rotation)


Steps per Revolution


Suggested DC Operation

5V to 12V DC

Holding Torque @ 12VDC

250 gram-force*cm, 25 N*mm/ 3.5 oz-force*in



31 mm


42 mm


19 mm

Shaft Diameter

5 mm

Cable Length

230 mm


37 g

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Reduction Geared Stepper Motor 12 VDC 48-step 1:16



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