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PASCO PASPort Non-Contact Temperature Sensor (PS-2197)

PS-2197 PASCO PASPort Non-Contact Temperature Sensor

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The Non-Contact Temperature Sensor measures infrared radiation emissions.  It works by measuring the surface temperature by detecting the emitted infrared light.  This is a non-contact, fast-responding temperature measuring device. Record the temperature of objects without touching them!

Compare the temperature of different surfaces and compare the results based on the composition and amount of direct sunlight. Take a block of ice directly from a freezer and record the temperature as it warms and melts. Then display the data on a temperature versus time graph.

With a high sampling rate and a large range of operable temperatures (from -70°C to 380°C) the Non-Contact Temperature Sensor is suited for a wide array of quantitative experiments involving heat and temperature.

NOTE: PASCO PASPort sensors require one of the PASPort interfaces in order to use them.


  • Compare temperature of hands, skin, face and clothes
  • Measure the temperature of different outdoor ground surfaces
  • Map the temperature profile of an exterior wall



-70°C to 380°C


± 0.5°C (blackbody object under typical conditions)

Response Time

Less than 0.1 s

Max. Sample Rate

200 Hz

Field of view

± 35°


1 x PASPort Non-Contact Temperature Sensor

1 x Sensor Handle


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PASCO PASPort Non-Contact Temperature Sensor (PS-2197)



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