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PASCO PASPort Fast Response Temperature Probe - 3-Pack (PS-2135)

PS-2135 PASCO PASPort Fast Response Temperature Probe - 3-Pack

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The Fast Response Temperature Probe from PASCO is a low thermal mass, small size probe, and allows students to see the immediate temperature change in a sensitive and fast-changing environment. It is ideal for use in a wide range of applications such as studying air convection, evaporative cooling, or endothermic and exothermic reactions.

An accessory for the PASPort Temperature Sensor, the probe can also be used with the ScienceWorkshop Temperature-Thermistor Sensor.

This is the temperature probe that ships with the SPARK Science Learning System, SPARKlink, and the XPlorer GLX.


  • Observe endothermic/exothermic reactions
  • Study temperature gradient of water in a freezer
  • Measure evaporative cooling
  • Measure the convection of air currents



-30° to +105°C


0.5 °C


0.01 °C

Wire Coating and Cap



3 x PASPort Fast Response Temperature Probes

10 x Adhesive Patches


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PASCO PASPort Fast Response Temperature Probe - 3-Pack (PS-2135)



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