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Regulated Power Supply 13.8VDC 30AMP

Regulated Power Supply 13.8VDC 30AMP


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This 13.8VDC 30AMP Regulated Power Supply is a highly stable, fused, high-quality switching power supply. It has a fixed voltage of 13.8V, a DC power output range of 9-15V, and a maximum current of 30A.

Excellent line and load regulation, as well as low ripple and noise. It is specifically designed to reduce switching noise for communication applications.


  • Current Overload and Short Circuit Protection
  • Power ON Indicator
  • 4 mm Banana Socket/Screw Terminals on back of unit for high current - 10Amp max connector on front



13.8V DC @ 30 Amps

Peak Current

32 Amps

Line Regulation

< 5%

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Regulated Power Supply 13.8VDC 30AMP



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