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ARD2 Arduino Compatible Starter Kit - UNO R3 16 Projects

ARD2-1014 - In Case - 400px with components


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ARD2 Arduino Compatible Starter Kit - UNO R3 with 16 Projects


Aligned with the current Australian F-10 Curriculum : Design and Technologies (Version 8.4)

  • Digital Technologies Knowledge and Understanding - ACTDEK004, ACTDEK011, ACTDEK013, ACTDEK019
  • Digital Technologies Processes and Production Skills - ACTDEP005, ACTDEP014, ACTDEP016, ACTDEP024


The ARD2 Arduino Compatible Starter Kit provides specific learning outcomes and hands-on experiences in creating electronic projects using the Arduino platform.

It is a great introduction to Arduino,coding, and a variety of electronic components, including LEDs, buttons, buzzers, sensors, motors, and relays.

The 16 projects included promote creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills, and align with the curriculum's focus on :

  • Understanding technologies and systems,
  • Designing and prototyping innovative solutions
  • Developing skills in managing and creating digital solutions.

Students get the opportunity to work collaboratively, design and prototype solutions, and evaluate and refine their projects, all of which are crucial aspects of Design and Technologies learning.

Overall it serves as an engaging and effective resource for Australian schools seeking to integrate practical technology learning into their classrooms.


Components Included in the Kit:

Uno R3 Dev Board | Resistors x 100 | 9V Battery ConnectionDC MotorLEDs x 25 | 74HC595 IC

L293D IC | Button x 5 | RGB LED x 1 | Thermistor x 1 | Photoresistor x 2 | Passive Buzzer x 1

Active Buzzer x 1 | 830 Tie Points Breadboard | Diodes x 2 | Transistor x 2 | 5V Relay

Analog Joystick | UltraSonic Sensor | Tilt Ball Switch | USB Lead | Power Supply Module

M-M Wires x 32 | F-M Wires x 10 | Potentiometer


The PDF manual available for download here includes

  • 16 Lessons
  • Installation Guides
  • Wiring Schematics & Physical Wiring Diagrams
  • Fully Explained Code
  • Component Information
  • Project Summaries


A Great Teaching Resource for Secondary School Educators


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ARD2 Arduino Compatible Starter Kit - UNO R3 16 Projects



1 $49.95
5 $45.95
25 $39.95

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