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Small Van de Graaff Generator - Standard 250mm Ball IEC

Van de Graaff Generator Large IEC


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The small Van de Graaff generator 250mm is a modern, compact and durable instrument designed especially for use in the classroom with all parts completely exposed. It is rated at 400kV 220/240VAC.

This small Van de Graaff generator features a removable cover, adjustable belt tension, DC motor, and more. This product has a compact design and a belt drive with excellent torque and speed control, a one-piece 250mm diameter terminal with magnetic catch, 80mm diameter discharge ball with a fully adjustable parking position. 4mm socket terminal provided for connecting the base housing to a solid earth point. Supplied with earth cable, spare charging belt, and spare motor drive belt.


  • Removable cover
  • Adjustable belt tension
  • DC motor
  • Belt drive has excellent torque and speed control
  • 80mm diameter discharge ball with adjustable parking position
  • 4mm socket terminal
  • Includes earth cable, spare charging belt and spare motor drive belt
  • Long-lasting silicone rubber belt


Input Voltage


Output Voltage



Main Ball Diameter (mm)


Discharge Ball Diameter (mm)


Height (mm)



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Out of Stock

Small Van de Graaff Generator - Standard 250mm Ball IEC



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