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Powershield Centurion PSCE2000 2000VA Pure Sine Wave UPS

Powershield Centurion PSCE2000 2000VA Pure Sine Wave UPS jpg


1 $2195


The Powershield Centurion PSCE2000 2000VA Pure Sine Wave UPS provides the most comprehensive protection against all potential power interruptions and anomalies. It offers continuous backup power for critical devices like medical equipment and internet routers.

This Powershield Centurion PSCE2000 UPS takes AC mains power, converts it to DC, and then returns the DC to AC to power your equipment. As a result, power grid fluctuations do not affect your equipment. A reliable power source powers your equipment, regardless of power fluctuations. This is particularly necessary if you have generators, live in remote areas, or are close to industrial areas. Equipped with 4 Australian and 2 IEC C13 10A outlets. Includes management software to suit most operating systems.


  • True Online Double Conversion
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Input power factor correction 0.98
  • 50Hz/60Hz frequency converter mode
  • USB, RS232, SNMP and AS400 multiple communications are available
  • Battery banks are available with an internal chargers to enable fast recharge even with large battery banks
  • Optional Eco-mode operation for energy saving
  • Generator compatible
  • Backup time for all models is easily extended by simply plugging additional battery banks
  • Emergency power-off function (EPO)
  • Programmable power outlets
  • Extendable maintenance bypass available for all models


Powershield P/No


Line interactive (Auto voltage reg.)


True online double conversion


UPS Form Factor



Single Phase

Battery Type

12V 9AH

Battery backup capacity


Input voltage (nominal)

110-300V AC

Mains connections

4 x Australian Sockets, 10A/IEC C13 x 2


RS-232, USB





26 kg


425 mm


190 mm


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Powershield Centurion PSCE2000 2000VA Pure Sine Wave UPS



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