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0.5W Mini MF Resistor (Pack of 8)

Resistors MR25 Series



Mini MF Resistor, half watt, in a pack of 8.

These mini resistors are equivalent in physical size to quarter watt carbon film and metal film resistors.

For values less than 10R and greater than 10M, see our 0.25W Carbon Film Resistors, which have an equivalent physical size.


Continuous Power


Component Package


Power Mount Type

Through Hole

Passive Connector Type

Solder legs

Nominal Leg Length

8 mm

Resistance Tolerance


Full Range

Value Product Code
10R JRR0524
12R JRR0526
15R JRR0528
18R JRR0530
22R JRR0532
27R JRR0534
33R JRR0536
39R JRR0538
47R JRR0540
56R JRR0542
62R JRR0543
68R JRR0544
82R JRR0546
100R JRR0548
120R JRR0550
150R JRR0552
220R JRR0556
270R JRR0558
330R JRR0560
390R JRR0562
470R JRR0564
560R JRR0566
680R JRR0568
820R JRR0570
1K0 JRR0572
1K2 JRR0574
1K8 JRR0578
2K2 JRR0580
3K3 JRR0584
3K9 JRR0586
4K7 JRR0588
6K8 JRR0592
8K2 JRR0594
10K JRR0596
12K JRR0598
15K JRR0600
18K JRR0602
22K JRR0604
27K JRR0606
33K JRR0608
39K JRR0610
47K JRR0612
51K JRR0613
56K JRR0614
68K JRR0616
82K JRR0618
100K JRR0620
120K JRR0622
150K JRR0624
220K JRR0628
270K JRR0630
330K JRR0632
390K JRR0634
470K JRR0636
560K JRR0638
680K JRR0640
820K JRR0642
1M0 JRR0644

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