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Metal Film Resistors

Resistors MR25 Series

These metal film resistors are used when a high tolerance or more accurate value is needed in a circuit. They are also used for bridge circuits, filter circuits, and low-noise analog signal circuits. On a non-conducting body, they have a thin metal coating as a resistive element. Axial resistors of this sort are among the most common types. Not suitable for applications that expose them to surge transients.

Metal Film Resistors with a wide range of values in the quarter-watt and half-watt ranges. These two are sold separately; 1/4 watt is sold in packs of 100 and boxes of 1000, while 1/2 watt (mini) is sold in packs of 8 or in a mixed pack of 300.

Check out our comprehensive list with a massive range of values.

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