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Kitronik Environmental Control Board for BBC Micro:bit - No Micro:Bit

Kitronik Environmental Control Board for BBC Micro:bit

$42.95 - $71.95

Kitronik Environmental Control Board for BBC Micro:bit - No Micro:Bit
1 $42.95
10 $40.80
25 $38.66


The Kitronik Environmental Control Board provides a variety of sensor inputs and connection points for the BBC micro:bit (V1 & V2). It can control the outputs of devices such as a water pump, fan, servo, or heater pad and it is ideal for feedback control systems. This board is also available in the Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit.

The BBC microbit slots directly into the board via an integrated edge connector. The micro:bit can then read input from the onboard BME 280 environmental temperature, barometric pressure and humidity sensor and also the Real-Time Clock. There is an onboard piezo buzzer, 2 x 1A outputs (ideal for a water pump, heater pads or fan), 3 status ZIP LEDs, a ZIP LED expansion connector and servo output. In addition to these, 3 BBC micro:bit pins are broken out to croc-clip connections as further inputs and outputs, along with pads for 3V and GND.

An onboard 3xAA battery holder or the 2.1mm DC Jack provides power to the board which is controlled by an on/off power switch. A green LED indicator shows when the board is turned on. The board then generates a regulated 3.3V supply, which is fed into 3V to power the connected BBC micro:bit. This eliminates the need to power the BBC micro:bit separately.

The board also has a solar cell input and can charge rechargeable batteries placed in the onboard battery holder.


  • A BBC micro:bit V1 or microbit V2
  • 3 x AA Batteries or plug-in power supply with USB to DC Jack.
  • Optional Extras;
    • Water Pump
    • Silicone tubing for the water pump
    • Mini Prong (adapted for use with the greenhouse kit)
    • Crocodile clips
    • ZIP Stick
    • Solar Cell
    • Rechargeable Batteries
    • Servo


  • Build automated systems that react to environmental changes, such as plant watering and greenhouse systems
  • The board produces a regulated 3V supply for powering the micro:bit via its edge connector i/o connections
  • The board features a number of sensor inputs that can be coded to control the board's outputs
  • There is an onboard BME 280 environmental temperature, barometric pressure and humidity sensor and a separate Real-Time Clock (RTC)
  • It can be powered via the onboard 3xAA battery holder or the 2.1mm DC Jack, and the power is controlled via the on/off switch with an adjacent LED indicator
  • There is also a solar-cell input that can be used in conjunction with rechargeable batteries
  • It is compatible with both micro:bit V1 and microbit V2
  • Code it with MakeCode. Kitronik has produced custom blocks to make the job of coding the board as simple as possible, opening up activities for younger students
  • These custom blocks are optional, the board can be coded without them in the Blocks, JavaScript and Python editors. Opening up activities for those that require more of a challenge
  • This board is also available as part of the Kitronik Smart Greenhouse Kit


Operating Battery Voltage (Vcc)

+5V max

Operating 2.1mm Jack Voltage

+5V DC max (Centre Positive)

Solar Cell Input

+5V max

High Power Output

2 (Output at Vcc voltage, max current draw 1A per channel)

High Power Output control pins

Pin 13, Pin 14

Additional Input / Output Pins

Pin 0, Pin 1, Pin 2

ZIP LED Control Pin

Pin 8

Piezo Buzer Control Pin

Pin 12

Servo Control Pin

Pin 15

BME280 and RTC Control Pins

Pin 19, Pin 20 (I2C Lines)

BME280 Operating Range

Pressure: 300hPa - 1100hPa / Temperature: -40°C;C - 85°C;C / Humidity: 0%RH - 100%RH



74.5 mm


66 mm


29 mm

Full Range

Add Micro:Bit? Product Code
No Micro:Bit KT5697
With Micro:Bit (board only) KT5697 + MB-0040


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