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Kitronik Alarm Clock Kit with ZIP Halo HD for Micro:bit

Kitronik Alarm Clock Kit with ZIP Halo HD for Micro:bit


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The Kitronik Alarm Clock Kit with ZIP Halo HD for micro:bit features a modified version of Halo HD. Included in the kit are the parts needed to assemble the clock and power accessories. Also included is an easy to follow tutorial book which will guide you through building your clock & checking all the LEDs are working correctly with some test code.

There are certain changes to this modified version such as power is now provided via a 2.1mm barrel jack connection. There is also a coin cell holder fitted to the rear of the board. When a 1220 coin cell battery is inserted, it will then provide power to the RTC chip when no power is being supplied to Halo HD. This ensures that you only have to set up the time for your project once.

  • The BBC micro:bit is NOT included in the Kitronik Alarm Clock Kit. Micro:bit available here.
  • No soldering required.
  • Some quick and simple mechanical assembly is required for the stand.
  • Ensure that when using a power supply that it is rated for at least 1A and 5V, many modern phone chargers will be suitable for this application.
  • Full instructions for assembly, coding and also usage are in the supplied booklet
  • 4 Tutorials are available under the "Resources"section.
  • For Kitronik HALO HD features, refer to KT5672


  • Instead of batteries: A suitable 5V, 1A USB Power Supply
  • For coding, you need a computer with a spare USB port and also an active internet connection
  • Screwdriver


  • The Kitronik Alarm Clock Kit with ZIP Halo HD for microbit provides a great introduction to features of Halo HD.
  • Learn how to create and then code exciting projects that explore time, light, and sound.
  • The kit is backed up by a range of fun tutorials that introduce you to the exciting features of the Alarm Clock Kit.
  • All of the tutorials and subsequent resources are free and with no signups needed.
  • There is no soldering required and the mechanical assembly is quick and also super simple.
  • The board features CR1220 3V coin cell battery holder that acts as a clock battery backup for the RTC chip when a battery is inserted.
  • The maths suggests that the backup battery can last for up to 2 years. Experiences may vary from battery to battery and also from situation to situation.


1 x Kitronik Halo HD for BBC micro:bit.

4 x 8mm M3 machine screws

1 x Set of laser cut Perspex stand parts

1 x CR1220 3V coin cell battery

2 x Plastic spacers

3 x AA Battery Cage with Lead and 2.1mm DC jack

A USB-B to 2.1mm jack cable, rated for 5V, 1.5A

Getting started booklet

A plastic reusable shipping and storage container


ZIP Halo HD Diameter

87 mm

M3 Mounting Holes Spacing (Center to Center)

68.4 mm


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Kitronik Alarm Clock Kit with ZIP Halo HD for Micro:bit



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