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Electro-Fashion Conductive Thread


$3.35 - $18.95


This Electro-Fashion Conductive Thread is one of the best available conductive threads. It is ideal for hand sewing and you can also use it on a sewing machine's bottom bobbin (by winding the thread onto the smaller bottom bobbin first).

You can use conductive thread in the same way as traditional sewing yarn, but it also conducts electricity,. Thus allowing you to integrate electronics into textiles. As a result, it is ideal for use in a variety of e-textile applications.

Nano-plated with silver to make it conductive, this thread has a generally low resistance, but it varies. Depending on the tension of the thread, we measured between 40 and 160 ohms per meter. Once sewn, the resistance is usually somewhere in the middle of this range. The silver plating will deteriorate over time, especially if washed, and we have measured resistances in excess of 280 ohms on some of our older examples.

Because resistance does not vary significantly between thread lengths, you should be able to use this thread without fear of "dead" sections.

The breaking strain of the conductive thread is approximately 9.3 pounds (4.2 kilos). Features approximately 96 individual filaments, each coated with a micron-thick layer of natural silver. Yarn plated in Europe to ensure the highest quality finish possible. To make the finished thread, 16 of these filaments are wound together to form an initial twist; two of these twists are then twisted together, and three of these twists are combined.

The conductive thread is about 18 denier. It's thicker than regular sewing thread but not as thick as an upholstery thread. This thread is not prone to fraying.


  • No (or very low) fray
  • Conductivity = approximately 40 Ω per metre (12.2 Ω per foot)
  • Count = 875 dTex
  • Strength 3000 cN
  • Elongation at break = 37%
  • Twist = 240Z-380S

Full Range

Length Product Code
2m KT2724
6m KT2727
45m KT2722


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