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RB Electrolytic Capacitor - Low Voltage

Electrolytic Capacitors (RB) Radial PCB Mounting

$0.19 - $5.50


High performance, low voltage, general-purpose aluminum RB electrolytic capacitor, radial type. Different capacitor values are available, and also different voltages.


Operating Temperature Range

-40°C ~ 85°C

Capacitance Tolerance

(-10% ~ +50%) or (±20%)

DC Leakage Current @ 25°C

(0.03xCxV) or 4 (ma) (whichever is greater)

Full Range

Value Voltage Product Code
0.1uF 50V CC1300
0.22uF 50V CC1301
0.47uF 50V CC1400
1uF 63V CC1401
1uF 100V CC1402
2.2uF 50V CC1405
3.3uF 50V CC1408
4.7uF 63V CC1412
10uF 35V CC1417
10uF 63V CC1418
22uF 25V CC1423
22uF 50V CC1424
22uF 63V CC1426
33uF 25V CC1433
33uF 63V CC1434
47uF 16V CC1438
47uF 25V CC1439
47uF 35V CC1440
47uF 63V CC1441
100uF 16V CC1444
100uF 25V CC1445
100uF 35V CC1446
100uF 63V CC1447
220uF 16V CC1450
220uF 25V CC1451
220uF 35V CC1452
220uF 63V CC1454
330uF 25V CC1457
330uF 63V CC1459
470uF 16V CC1461
470uF 25V CC1462
470uF 35V CC1463
470uF 63V CC1465
680uF 35V CC1468
1000uF 16V CC1470
1000uF 25V CC1471
1000uF 35V CC1472
1000uF 63V CC1474
2200uF 16V CC1475
2200uF 25V CC1476
2200uF 35V CC1477
2200uF 50V CC1478
3300uF 16V CC1479
3300uF 35V CC1479-35
4700uF 16V CC1480
4700uF 25V CC1481
4700uF 35V CC1482
4700uF 50V CC1484
10000uF 25V CC1488

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