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Electrolytic Capacitors Low Impedance ESR

Electrolytic Capacitor Low Impedance

$0.31 - $6.90


These are high reliability, long life, low impedance, and high ripple current radial-type electrolytic capacitors. They are suitable for high-reliability applications such as an industrial instrument.

Full Range

Value Voltage Product Code
1uF 100V CC19EXR03
2.2uF 100V CC19EXR05
3.3uF 63V CC19EXR07
4.7uF 100V CC19EXR13
6.8uF 100V CC19EXR14
10uF 63V CC19EXR18
10uF 100V CC19EXR19
15uF 63V CC19EXR22
22uF 63V CC19EXR26
33uF 63V CC19EXR34
47uF 50V CC19EXR41
47uF 63V CC19EXR42
100uF 10V CC19EXR43
100uF 16V CC19EXR44
100uF 25V CC19EXR45
100uF 35V CC19EXR46
100uF 63V CC19EXR47
120uF 35V CC19EXR48
150uF 63V CC19EXR49
220uF 16V CC19EXR50
220uF 35V CC19EXR52
330uF 63V CC19EXR59
470uF 16V CC19EXR61
470uF 25V CC19EXR62
470uF 63V CC19EXR65
680uF 50V CC19EXR67
1000uF 6.3V CC19EXR68
1000uF 10V CC19EXR69
1000uF 16V CC19EXR70
1000uF 25V CC19EXR71
1000uF 63V CC19EXR72
1500uF 10V CC19EXR73
1500uF 16V CC19EXR74
1500uF 50V CC19EXR75
2200uF 10V CC19EXR76
2200uF 16V CC19EXR77
2200uF 35V CC19EXR77A
2200uF 50V CC19EXR78
3300uF 6.3V CC19EXR82
3300uF 10V CC19EXR83
3300uF 16V CC19EXR84
3300uF 35V CC19EXR86
3900uF 6.3V CC19EXR87
4700uF 16V CC19EXR90


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