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Ceramic Disc Capacitors 500V

Disc Ceramic Capacitors 500Volt

$0.22 - $0.60


These ceramic disc capacitors are low inductance, making them suitable for RF use, filters, coupling, and decoupling applications. A wide range of capacitor values are available.

Full Range

Value Product Code
1.0pF CC0401
1.2pF CC0402
1.5pF CC0403
2.2pF CC0405
2.7pF CC0406
3.3pF CC0407
3.9pF CC0408
4.7pF CC0409
6.8pF CC0411
8.2pF CC0412
10pF CC0413
12pF CC0414
15pF CC0415
18pF CC0416
22pF CC0417
27pF CC0418
33pF CC0419
39pF CC0420
47pF CC0421
56pF CC0422
68pF CC0423
82pF CC0424
100pF CC0425
120pF CC0426
150pF CC0427
180pF CC0428
220pF CC0429
270pF CC0430
330pF CC0431
390pF CC0432
470pF CC0433
560pF CC0434
680pF CC0435
820pF CC0436
.001uF CC0437
.0012uF CC0438
.0015uF CC0439
.0022uF CC0441
.0033uF CC0443
.0047uF CC0445
.01uF CC0449

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