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43P Multi Turn Trimpot

Photo of the top of a multi turn trimpot.



End adjust, rectangular, 15 turns, sealed 43P multi-turn trimpot, 19.5mm long, with a pinout on a 0.1′ grid. These 43P multi-turn Cermet Trimmers offer excellent operational stability provided by the use of a cermet element.

Equivalent Brands / Series:

  • Spectrol 43P
  • Beckman 89P
  • Bourns 3006P


  • 19mm Rectangular / Multiturn / Cermet / Industrial / Sealed
  • Low PC board profile - only 6.3mm high
  • 15 turn infinite resolution
  • Wide ohmic range 20Ω - 2MΩ


Resistance Tolerance

±10% std.

Absolute Minimum Resistance

1.0% or 1 ohm max. (whichever is greater)

Power Rating

400 volts max: 70°C - 0.75 watt 125°C - 0 watt

Temperature Range

-55°C to +125°C

Temperature Coefficient

±100 ppm/°C


0.35 N-m max.

Mechanical Stops

Wiper idles


Solderable pins




Full Range

Ohms Product Code
20R PT8410
50R PT8415
100R PT8420
200R PT8425
500R PT8430
1K PT8435
2K PT8440
5K PT8445
10K PT8450
20K PT8455
50K PT8460
100K PT8465
200K PT8470
500K PT8475
1M PT8480
2M PT8483

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