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Cat6 Ethernet Cable

Cat6 Ethernet Cable




High quality CAT6 ethernet cable for easy connection of your computer or server to a WiFi router, modem, network switch or hub. Cat6 Ethernet cables have a max data rate of 10 Gbps. Perfect for future proofing installations, since the max data rate is 10 times that of Cat5e. Features reduced crosstalk and a bandwidth of 250Mhz.

Our large range of network cables includes various colours & lengths, up to 10 metres.

Note: We source Cat6 Ethernet cables from multiple suppliers based on availability. The style of the boot and the shade of the colour may differ from pictured, but the quality of the lead is not compromised.


Lead Type


Cable Type


Input Type


Output Type


Max Data Speed

10 Gbps up to 55 metres



Full Range

Length Colour Product Code
50 cm Blue CM4600BLUE
50 cm Black CM4600BLK
50 cm Green CM4600GRN
50 cm Grey CM4600GRY
50 cm Orange CM4600ORG
50 cm Pink CM4600PINK
50 cm Purple CM4600PUR
50 cm Red CM4600RED
50 cm White CM4600WHT
50 cm Yellow CM4600YLW
1 Metre Blue CM4601BLUE
1 Metre Black CM4601BLK
1 Metre Green CM4601GRN
1 Metre Pink CM4601PINK
1 Metre Grey CM4601GRY
1 Metre Purple CM4601PUR
1 Metre Red CM4601RED
1 Metre Orange CM4601ORG
1 Metre White CM4601WHT
1 Metre Yellow CM4601YLW
2 Metre Blue CM4602BLUE
2 Metre Black CM4602BLK
2 Metre Green CM4602GRN
2 Metre Grey CM4602GRY
2 Metre Orange CM4602ORG
2 Metre Pink CM4602PINK
2 Metre Purple CM4602PUR
3 Metre Blue CM4603BLUE
2 Metre Red CM4602RED
2 Metre White CM4602WHT
3 Metre Black CM4603BLK
2 Metre Yellow CM4602YLW
3 Metre Green CM4603GRN
3 Metre Grey CM4603GRY
3 Metre Orange CM4603ORG
3 Metre Pink CM4603PINK
3 Metre Purple CM4603PUR
3 Metre Red CM4603RED
3 Metre White CM4603WHT
3 Metre Yellow CM4603YLW
5 Metre Blue CM4605BLUE
10 Metre Blue CM4610BLUE
15 Metre Blue CM4615BLUE
20 Metre Blue CM4620BLU
30 Metre Blue CM4630BLU
40 Metre Blue CM4640BLUE
50 Metre Blue CM4650BLUE

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