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Face Mask - Antibacterial, Disposable, 3 Layer

LS1358PK10 Face Mask - Antibacterial, Disposable main

$5.95 - $11.95


These handy disposable, antibacterial face masks are CE and FDA approved. Each face mask is made of three layer non-woven fabric, meets EN149 standard, and has an adjustable nose bridge. Protect yourself in comfort with these easily breathable face masks.

Not for surgical use

Instructions for putting on the mask

  1. Put your fingers through the elastics. The nose bar (thin strip of metal, you can feel it through the fabric) should be at the top. Place the mask on your nose and mouth.
  2. Put the elastics on your ears.
    Pull the mask by its upper and lower edges to fully unfold it. That will ensure maximum face protection and minimize the number of layers you will need to breathe through.
  3. Press on the nose bar above the bridge of the nose to minimize air leakage. Ensure the nose bar curves to the shape of you nose.
  4. Take off the mask by grasping the elastics and pulling them off your ears. Do not touch the mask while removing - it may contain germs.
    Dispose of the mask after use and then wash your hands carefully.

Face Mask - Instructions for putting on mask - Text instructions can be found in the description


  • Widened elastic ear band
  • Adjustable nose bridge
  • Strong breathability
  • Efficient dustproof.
  • Thick material





CE and FDA

Full Range

Pack Size Product Code
10 Pack LS1358PK10
50 Box LS1358PK50

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