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Wiltronics Fine Fuel Moisture Meter ME2000A

Photo of a fine fuel moisture meter.


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The Wiltronics Fine Fuel Moisture Meter ME2000A is specifically designed to be used in the field by officers involved in prescribed burns and wildfires. It provides valuable forest floor fine fuel measurements to assist in determining the burn rate for prescribed burns and bushfires.

Why do you need moisture measurements?

Fire managers at prescribed burns and bushfires, need to be able to measure fuel moisture content quickly and accurately at both a prescribed burn site , or a bushfire live site. The Wiltronics Fine Fuel Moisture Meter ME2000A can assist Fire managers by determining the percentage of moisture content of fine fuels (leaf matter, surface duff, grass, -“1hr fuels”) which will help establish the rate at which fires will spread and how likely spotfires will develop. This vital information along with wind speed and direction, current and forecast weather conditions all need to be taken into account when planning a prescribed fire or fighting wildfires.

Customer Benefits
  • Portable field unit
  • 12 hour portable use between recharging
  • Easy to use
  • Measurements read in seconds
  • All measurements logged for later analysis on a PC
  • Proven product used by over 30 Forest Services, government and private agencies in Australia and internationally
Spare Parts & Commodities
  • Fuel Grinder Stainless steel cutter and grill
  • 6 volt DC sealed lead acid battery
  • Measuring Cell Cleaner - 99.98% Pure Isopropyl, Wipes

The Fine Fuel Moisture Meter has been tested and approved by the 'Centre for Forest Tree Technology', part of the Victorian State Government in Australia. Research Report No. 46

Repair Service & Scheduled Annual Service & Calibration

The most important thing in the field is to keep the surface of the test cell top face clean and residue free. This is easy using the approved products that don’t leave a contaminating residue. The approved test cell cleaners are 99.98% Isopropyl Alcohol and pure 100% Acetone. The most convenient product to use is 99.98% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes. All other products leave a contaminating reside. Particularly nail polish remover (liquid or wipes) and 70% isopropyl (liquid or wipes), etc.

Repair Service - Where required the ME2000 and the ME2000A should be returned for assessment and a quotation on repairs.

Scheduled Annual Service & Calibration – Both the ME2000 and the ME2000A should be returned to Wiltronics annually for a scheduled service and calibration. A quotation will be provided after assessment.

Moisture Meter Service and Repairs Form (Please Complete & return with meter)

Ship to address: Wiltronics Research Pty Ltd, 5-7 Ring Rd., Alfredton 3350, Australia

Existing Global Customers

Australia, U.S.A, Portugal, France, South Africa.


  • Heavy Duty Waterproof case
  • Store up to 600 readings
  • USB PC Interface
  • Internal rechargable battery
  • 3% - 200% Oven Dried Weight (ODW) moisture measurement range




Heavy Duty Protector Case 316

Sample Cell

Stainless Steel polyester film insulator


4 lines x 20 characters, backlit LCD


Membrane, surface mount, positive touch/audio feedback, 4 x 4 keys plus on/off key

Power Consumption

280 mA in standby mode, 330 mA in measurement mode

Battery Charger

110VAC-240VAC/12VDC, 1A, double insulated, overload protected, plug pack with 2.5mm DC plug


Temperature Operating Range

0 to 50°C (32 - 122°F)

Resistance Measurement

5 x 10² to 5 x 10¹² Ohms

Moisture Content Range

3% to 200% ODW (Oven Dried Weight)


0.1% moisture content


1% moisture content or 10% of individual moisture content


0.1% moisture content



Virtual COM port via USB using type-A to type-B connectors Baud Rate: 19, 200 (B.P.S.), Data Bits: 8, Stop Bits: 1, Parity: none, Flow Control: none




330 mm


305 mm


152 mm


5.2 kg


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Wiltronics Fine Fuel Moisture Meter ME2000A



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