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Coding Innov8ion, it's a Snap! eBook

Coding Innov8ion using Snap eBook


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Make learning to program a micro-controller easy with Coding Innov8ion, it's a Snap! This eBook provides 10 lessons using Snap4Arduino* designed to introduce learners to micro-controller programming with the ARD2-INNOV8, a shield which sits on top of Arduino Uno micro-controller (ARD2-INNOV8 kit sold separately). The ARD2-INNOV8 kit removes the risk of incorrectly placed components and messy wires, so the learner can focus on programming concepts and algorithms.

This book uses Snap4Arduino*, a visual block programming environment that allows for the use of drag-and-drop code blocks to create programs. This makes it a great starting point for Arduino programming beginners and younger learners.

Note: The product is a .pdf download, suitable for printing and ideally viewed on larger screens.

A purchase is for a single copy of Coding Innov8ion, it's a Snap! This product must not be copied and distributed to third parties. See further information in our terms and conditions. Once payment has been confirmed the purchaser will receive a single use download code that will be available for 14 days.

School please check this link for site license details.

*Snap4Arduino is an open source software development, a modification of Snap! See:








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Coding Innov8ion, it's a Snap! eBook



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