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ARD2 Innov8 Kit - Arduino Compatible



1 $46.20
10 $42.90
Photo of an ARD2 Innov8 Kit that is Arduino compatible.


The ARD2-INNOV8 shield is a piece of technology which has various outputs and inputs, and sits on top of an Arduino Uno compatible micro-controller board.

The shield has been fitted with 7 LEDs (light emitting diodes), a piezo buzzer, a push button switch, a potentiometer, a light sensor, a temperature sensor, a 6 volt input, and convenient snap in connectors to use with a wide range of external modules such as servo motors, joystick module, and a real-time-clock module.

The ARD2-INNOV8 shield was designed to take the headache out of learning how to program a microcontroller like the Arduino Uno. It allows the user to learn a wide range of Arduino lessons without the hassle of wiring up all of the required components. The ARD2-INNOV8 shield helps make learning Arduino (object oriented) programming easy, by allowing the user to concentrate on the programming without being distracted by bugs in the circuit.


  • The ultimate STEM Coding Kit!
  • Downloadable Software & Educational eBooks Available



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