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NBN Replacement Battery

nbn Replacement Battery


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When to replace your nbn™ connection box battery
When your backup power supply battery begins to fail, the power unit will emit a beeping sound. Some ISPs will also alert you via email or text message that your backup battery needs replacing.

How often should I replace the nbn™ connection box battery?
Generally, an nbn™ connection box backup battery should last up to 2 years. Due to the nature of backup power supplies, the batteries are always in use and always being charged - they are not only in use during power outages.

We recommend you replace the battery regularly, e.g. every 2 years, before it gets to the point where the system is in alert status.

What if I don’t replace the nbn™ connection box battery?
Most phone lines that run via the nbn™ will not operate in a power outage if the backup the battery is not fully operational. This means that in an emergency situation where your premises loses power, you may not have phone communication. This is the reason the nbn™ backup battery power supplies are installed by default with your nbn™ installation. It is for your safety that the backup power supply is operational.

How to replace your nbn™ connection box battery
Removing the nbn™ connection box battery
1. Turn off the electrical outlet for the Power Supply Unit and then unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet.
2. Open the front cover of the Power Supply Unit.
3. Disconnect the red positive (+) plug from the battery.
4. Push the tabs above and below the battery outward, and then lift the battery out of the Power Supply Unit.
5. Disconnect the black negative (–) plug and remove the battery.

Installing a new nbn™ connection box battery
1. Connect the black negative (–) plug to the new battery.
2. Push the battery retaining tabs outward and insert the battery into the Power Supply Unit.
3. Connect the red positive (+) plug to the new battery.
4. Make sure the wires are not being pinched by the battery or the front cover.
5. Close the front cover and plug the Power Supply back into the electrical outlet and turn the power on.
6. The new battery will take 24 hours to completely charge. Please keep the old battery as a backup unless it no longer functions.
7. Once power is returned to your nbn™ equipment, please allow up to 10 minutes for it to reboot. During this time, you may not be able to use your nbn™ services.

*Free freight Australia wide. This product can not be shipped outside Australia.
Freight will still apply to any additional, non free freight items.


  • Replace your flat nbn™ connection box backup battery with a 100% compliant, Australian supplied battery.
  • Keep your internet connection and phone line running during power outages.
  • Completely DIY - no service calls needed. Just unplug your old one, and plug in the new one.


Battery Capacity

7.0 - 7.2Ah

Battery Voltage


Battery Technology

Lead Acid

External Height


External Width


External Depth




Battery Terminals

Quick Disconnect F2

Output Voltage


Terminal Type

6.35mm x 0.81mm


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NBN Replacement Battery



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