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Linear Hall Effect Sensor Arduino Compatible

Arduino Compatible ARD2 Linear Hall Effect Sensor


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This sensor is used to detect magnetic fields. The current, and thus the voltage, running through the sensor is changed in relation to the presence of a magnetic field. This sensor is designed so it can tell you the amount the voltage has changed as an analog output, and if the voltage has changed as a digital output. Since the sensor can provide digital and analog outputs, there is a surprising amount you can do with it. You can easily make a working sensor, or make a much more complicated one.

This sensor is built in such a way that the sensor itself has everything needed to operate, including an LED. As such, you can get a basic magnetic switch with nothing more than a 5V battery by connecting the magnet ports to the + and G pins. When a magnet is brought close to the sensor, the voltage will change and send a signal to the sensors integrated LED, telling it to light up.

Test Code

int Led = 13; // define LED Interface
int buttonpin = 3; // define the linear Hall magnetic sensor interface
int val; // define numeric variables val

void setup () {
pinMode(Led, OUTPUT); // define LED as output interface
pinMode(buttonpin, INPUT); // define linear Hall magnetic sensor output interface

void loop () {
val = digitalRead(buttonpin); // digital interface will be assigned a value of 3 to read val

// When the linear Hall sensor detects a magnetic signal, LED flashes
if (val == HIGH) {
digitalWrite(Led, HIGH);
else {
digitalWrite(Led, LOW);


  • Detects magnetic fields
  • Features everything needed to operate, including an LED


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Linear Hall Effect Sensor Arduino Compatible



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