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Soldering Iron - Safety Burn Proof Rubber Lead

Micron 20 Watt Soldering Iron


1 $34.95
10 $30.00


A soldering iron featuring a safety burn-proof rubber lead merges traditional soldering functionality with the added safety and convenience significantly mitigating burns and accident risks, making it an optimal choice for professionals and novices alike. This innovation addresses prevalent safety concerns linked to soldering, positioning it as a favored choice, particularly in safety-sensitive environments.

Key Features:

  1. Heat-Resistant Rubber Lead: This soldering iron stands out for its durable rubber lead, purpose-built to endure high temperatures without warping or deterioration. This resilient material acts as a protective shield against accidental burns or damage from contact with the hot soldering iron.
  2. Enhanced Safety: The burn-proof rubber lead markedly diminishes burn risks, accidental fires, or surface damage, fostering a safer working milieu. Its heat insulation properties effectively buffer against heat transfer, ensuring user safety from potential injuries.
  3. Durability: The heat-resistant rubber lead bolsters the soldering iron's overall durability. Its protective function safeguards internal wiring, thwarting premature degradation and, consequently, prolonging the tool's operational lifespan.


  • Burn Proof Silicon Power Lead
  • Includes Long Life Iron Clad 1.6mm Tip (SI2424)
  • Temperature Controlled to 370°C
  • High Efficiency Long Life Heating Element



240V AC (50Hz)

Heat Output


Tip Temperature


Cord Length


Tip Supplied


Energy Authority Approval No.


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Soldering Iron - Safety Burn Proof Rubber Lead



1 $34.95
10 $30.00

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